Post Doctoral and Research Position at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Publish Date: Dec 01, 2015

Two positions (post-doctoral & research position) are available at the Institut Pasteur, at the Department of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology funded by the ERC Advanced Grant.
How stem cells contribute to tissues during growth and regeneration remains largely unknown in vertebrates. Skeletal muscle provides an excellent paradigm to investigate this issue since powerful transcription factors that play important roles in specifying and determining skeletal muscle identity have been identified. We have a wide range of genetically modified mice and have been investigating this question in the context of developmental and regenerative biology.
Project1: Asymmetric and symmetric cell divisions in mouse skeletal muscle stem cells. Mechanisms regulating asymmetric and symmetric cells divisions in mouse adult muscle stem cells. This project follows from previous work in the laboratory demonstrating asymmetric segregation of DNA strands to daughter cells, and direct association of this phenomenon with daughter cell fates (Nature Cell Biology 2006, Nature Reviews Molecular Cellular Biology, 2009; Cell, 2012; Cell Reports 2014).
Funding: ERC Advanced Grant. Funding is available immediately, with some flexibility, for the postdoctoral position for 3 years with the possibility of an extension. In addition, the applicant is encouraged to obtain independent funding.
Requirements: a doctoral degree, strong experience in cellular and molecular biology and microscopy and can work with mice. Proficiency in English is mandatory. Outstanding, highly motivated candidates who are creative minded are encouraged to apply.

Project2: Use CRISPR/Cas9 strategies to modify genomic loci regulating muscle stem cells. This project is connected with other ongoing projects in the laboratory. The candidate will also be working with mice.

Funding: ERC Advanced Grant. Funding is available immediately for a minimum of 6 months and up to 18 months.

Requirements: Pre-doctoral researchers with engineer or Masters level research experience with strong experience in cellular and molecular biology. Outstanding, highly motivated candidates who are proactive are encouraged to apply.

Application process: Please send one PDF file to with the following: - cover letter (1 page maximum) - concise summary of previous research activities (1 page maximum) - curriculum vitae including publication list and contact details for 2-3 referees

Prof. Shahragim Tajbakhsh Stem Cells and Development Unit Dept. of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Institut Pasteur 25 rue du Dr. Roux 75015, Paris, FRANCE E-mail:

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