Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition 2017

Publish Date: Mar 13, 2017

Deadline: May 01, 2017

Competition Guidelines

The William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition is sponsored annually by The Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, Inc, a non-profit literary and educational organization. The 2017 deadline is May 1. Winners will be formally presented at the annual meeting of the Society, Faulkner for All, during Words & Music, A Literary Feast in New Orleans, taking place this year December 6-10, 2017.

A list of manuscripts which have been designated finalists and semi-finalists will be posted on the website on or about August 1, 2017.  Winners will be notified on September 25th, William Faulkner’s birthday, leaving plenty of time for winners to make plans to be present to receive their awards.

Please note: Review the guidelines below before entering.

The competition is for previously unpublished work only. Self-published and print-on-demand books are considered published unless authors can present documentation that less than 500 copies have sold. Also considered as published and not eligible are books, stories, essays, and poetry previously published in their entirety on the Internet.

Please pay special attention to labeling your entries.  We do not read entries in any category without proper labeling.

Any entries submitted which show mark-ups of revisions in red or blue from previous drafts will be rejected automatically.  No judge wants to review your corrections!

Entries are accepted now in eight categories (see below): Novel, Novella, book-length Narrative Non-Fiction, Novel-in-Progress, Short Story, Essay, Poetry, and Short Story by a High School Student. Overall goals of the competition are to seek out new, talented writers and assist them in finding literary agents and, ultimately, publishers for their work.

For All Categories:

  • Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in word.doc or .docx  format to faulkhouse@aol.com. Entries submitted in other formats will be rejected.
  • Each entry should consist of two Word documents. The first document is a contact page with author’s name, address, e-mail address and phone number, category, title of manuscript, and number of words. Important: please title this document with name of author and designation of “contact info”, e.g. “Jane_Doe_Contact_Info.” Do not title it generically such as “author info.” The second document is the actual entry, which consists of a title page with title and category, followed by a one or two-page synopsis (except for the Poetry, Essay, and Short Story by a High School Student categories, which will not include a synopsis) and the manuscript. This second attachment must have no author identifying information on it, as entries are read blind. Important: Please title this document with abbreviated form of title and category, e. g., “Senselessness__Novel.” Do not include author’s name in label. Do not title this document generically, e. g., “Faulkner entry_novel” or “Novel Entry_2015 Faulkner Competition” etc. Pages of the entry attachment should be numbered.
  • No hard copies of manuscripts are required.
  • A hard copy of the entry form and the appropriate fee must be submitted by ground mail to Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, 624 Pirate’s Alley, New Orleans, LA 70116.
  • Each entry form must be accompanied by cash, a check drawn on a U. S. bank, or a U.S. money order made out to The Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, Inc. For entries from abroad send cash, a cashier’s check, or American Express Traveler’s Checks signed over to The Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, for the appropriate administrative fee. Please do not send us foreign money orders or checks drawn on foreign banks. We will accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit cards with a $5 per entry processing fee.
  • Each entry also must be accompanied by a completed, signed entry blank, which can be obtained by printing the entry form from the Society’s web site. If you are unable to download the entry form, simply type one out yourself and send it.
  • All questions regarding the competition must be submitted to faulkhouse@aol.com.

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