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Publish Date: Sep 22, 2016

Deadline: Oct 19, 2016

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Grand Prize Winner: $100 Amazon voucher for photography equipment and be featured in our upcoming social media campaign (Your name and photo will be showcased to hundreds of thousands on our Facebook and Twitter pages!)


  • Contest begins September 19th, 2016 and ends October 9th, 2016
  • Winners announced October 13th, 2016

Creative brief

Photos must fulfil the following criteria to be considered our favourites.

  • Photo must ensure all rights, including permissions from subjects and all parties displayed
  • Photos submitted must be linked to a CoinaPhoto account
  • Must have 3 or more sizes available (S=0-5 MP, M=5-10 MP, L=10+ MP)
  • All entries submitted to the contest will also feature in our market for a chance to be sold to a wide array of buyers
  • CoinaPhoto account must have a profile picture
  • Photo submitted must be photographer’s own work
  • For more information on challenge regulations. 
  • Remember, you don’t just take a photograph, you tell a story!

Purchasing and Redeeming Tokens

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Every user account has a daily token redemption limit of 100 Coinaphoto tokens (or equivalent ). Once you have reached this limit, no further token redemption may be possible for a period of up-to 24 hours.

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