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PhD student position in hardware/software co-design, Sweden

Publish Date: Jul 04, 2016

Deadline: Aug 31, 2016

About the university

Uppsala University is an international research university focused on the development of science and education. Our most important assets are all the individuals who with their curiosity and their dedication make Uppsala University one of Sweden’s most exciting work places. Uppsala University has 40,000 students, 7,000 employees and a turnover of SEK 6,5 billion.

The Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University has a leading position in research and education. The Department currently has about 290 employees, including 30 professors, 85 academic teachers/researchers, and 115 Ph.D. students. More than 4,000 students study one or more courses at the department each year.

This Ph.D. student position is a collaboration between the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University and the Department of Computer and Information Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Information about the position

Nowadays, practically all computer systems are energy constrained, resulting in limited systems performance. Thus, it is crucial to address this constraint to improve a computer system's overall functionality. The topic of the Ph.D. will be centered around designing energy efficient computer systems with an emphasis on approximate computing. The overall objective of the project is to:

(i) develop compiler techniques to manage criticality of data and operations,

(ii) develop methods to convey information about data criticality, and

(iii) develop computer architectures that can utilize this information for improved energy efficiency. The project is expected to make contributions to the fields of optimizing compilers, hardware/software interaction, and computer architecture. The project details will be defined based on the Ph.D. student’s knowledge and interests.


The candidate will be employed by the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. The position is fully paid for a maximum of five years and includes departmental duties at a level of at most 20% (mainly teaching) as well as coursework. The candidate will be expected to teach in English or Swedish. The candidate is expected to perform yearly visits at the Department of Computer and Information Science at NTNU for a period of three months. This will provide exposure to two different research environments and cultures providing an enriched learning experience.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is an internationally recognized research university. NTNU creates knowledge for a better world and solutions that can change everyday life. NTNU has 39,000 students, 7,000 employees, and a turnover of NOK 7.6 billion.

The Department of Computer and Information Science at NTNU currently has about 120 employees, including 25 professors, 50 academic teachers/researchers, and 40 Ph.D. students. More than 3,500 students study one or more courses at the department each year.


The candidate should have, or is expected to receive in a near future, a Master of Science or equivalent in a field that is relevant to the topic of the Ph.D. thesis, good communication skills and excellent study results, as well as sufficient proficiency in oral and written English. Experience in computer architecture, compilers, hardware/software interaction, and VLSI design is valued.

How to apply

Applications should include a presentation of the applicant and an explanation of the reasons why this position is applied for, his/her research interests and past experience, a CV, copies of exams, degrees and grades, a copy of the Master’s thesis (or a draft thereof), publications, and other relevant documents. Candidates are encouraged to provide contact information to reference persons. Applications may be submitted by candidates that have not fully completed the Master of Science degree (or equivalent), however, all applicants should state the earliest feasible starting date of employment.


Uppsala University and NTNU aims for gender balance and diversity in all activities in order to achieve a higher quality at all levels of the organization. We therefore welcome applicants of any gender and with different birth background, functionality and life experience.

More information: For more information on the involved research groups and their activities visit the Uppsala Architecture Research Team (UART) and the Computer Architecture and Design (CARD) group.

Pay: Local guidelines for salary placement are used

Starting: As soon as possible.

Type of employment: Temporary position

Working hours: 100 %

You are welcome to submit your application no later than 2016-08-31, UFV-PA 2016/2245

We decline offers of recruitment and advertising help. We only accept the application the way described in the advertisement.

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