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Publish Date: Apr 06, 2015

Deadline: Oct 02, 2015


Hanken is a leading, internationally accredited university with over a hundred years of experience in education and research in economics and business administration.

For Whom?

The Hanken PhD Programme is for you aiming for a career where advanced analytical thinking and research skills are required. In our four-year PhD programme you will develop your analytical skills and learn to deliver new scientific knowledge at a high international level. Our successful alumni show that these competences are useful both within and outside of the academic world.

Within the Hanken PhD Programme you can write your thesis and get professional supervision within the following majors:


Commercial Law
Entrepreneurship and Management
Finance (possibility of specialisation in Statistics)
Information Systems Science
Management and Organisation
Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility


Commercial Law
Entrepreneurship and Management

Aim and Scope

The aim of Doctoral Studies is to provide students with:

  • in-depth knowledge of their own research area and its social importance
  • the ability to apply scientific research methods independently and critically within their research area;
  • familiarity with the development, core questions and research methods within their research area
  • familiarity with general scientific theory;
  • knowledge of the economic sciences and related areas of science that makes it possible to understand research results and to follow the development within these fields;
  • ability to independently create new scientific knowledge.

Doctoral studies consist of courses comprising 60 credits and a thesis (16 credits in method/theory of science and 44 credits in the major subject or related subjects - please consult the Hanken Degree Regulations, §18, for details).

Studies for a Licentiate degree require two and a half years of full time studies, whereas a Doctoral degree will take four years of full time studies.


Two Application Rounds per Year

There are two application rounds per year to the Hanken PhD Programme.

The application dates for 2015 are:

Spring 2015 application round: 16 February - 27 March 2015 (studies start in August 2015)
Autumn 2015 application round: 31 August - 2 October 2015 (studies start in January 2016)

Applications must reach Hanken no later than the end date of the respective application round by 4 PM.


What if I Graduate After the Application Deadline?

If you will graduate after the application deadline, you can apply for admission by enclosing provisional documentation according to the instructions (LÄNK). When you have graduated you should supplement your application with your degree certificate and the final transcript of records so that the supplementary documents reach Hanken School of Economics by the following deadlines:

Spring 2015 application round: 26 June 2015 by 4 PM
Autumn 2015 application round: 18 December 2015 by 4 PM

If you are unable to submit your degree certificate and final transcript of records by these deadlines, you cannot apply in the respective application

Funding and Social Security


Applying for funding and planning how to fund your doctoral studies and later on possibly your research, is a part of the process and a vital skill for a researcher these days. At Hanken we give our doctoral students and researchers maximum support in identifying and applying for suitable funding.

When you apply for admission to the Hanken PhD Programme, you can also apply for the Initial Phase Scholarship with the same application. Conditional on sufficiently good progress (evaluated twice per year), we provide our newly admitted doctoral students with full-time grant funding for the first 18 months of studies on the Hanken PhD Programme (this applies to doctoral students that are admitted in the spring 2013 or later).

Please note that the Initial Phase Scholarship can only be applied for in conjunction with the application to the PhD programme.

After this grant has expired, you have three main potential funding options:

1) External grant funding from one of the foundations supporting research in the areas relevant to Hanken PhD students, for example the Foundation for Economic Education. Under certain circumstances, such funding can be complemented by additional support from Hanken.

2) Employment in an externally funded project; this alternative is particularly relevant for late-stage doctoral students;

3) Scholarships from the Funds at Hanken can be applied for if/when these are announced. The scholarships are subject to availability.

All of these alternatives demand independent activity from you as a doctoral student in terms of applying for funding for your project. This is at the same time a learning process that prepares you for the challenges of postdoctoral professional life.

Regardless of funding format, all doctoral students at Hanken receive support and information about, and support on how to apply for external funding. The great majority of full-time Hanken PhD students get funding for the full 48 months of the programme.

It is also possible to work part-time and study part-time, this however might rule out the possibilities for full-time funding.

In the menu to the left you can find more information on the Initial Phase Scholarship and Social Security for grant holders.

If you are an already admitted doctoral student, please see the information on Funding for doctoral students under Research.

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