Padua Kant Workshop/CfP - Concepts, Intuitions and ‘Manifest Reality’, 12-13 September 2017, Italy


July 25, 2017


Event Date:

September 11, 2017, 16:52 - September 12, 2017, 16:52

Opportunity Cover Image - Padua Kant Workshop/CfP - Concepts, Intuitions and ‘Manifest Reality’, 12-13 September 2017, Italy

Padua Kant Workshop: Concepts, intuitions and ‘Manifest Reality’

Keynote speakers: Lucy Allais (UC San Diego) Anselmo Aportone (Università Tor Vergata di Roma) Dietmar Heidemann (Université de Luxembourg) Sebastian Rödl (Universität Leipzig)

Workshop description:

The PhD Seminar “Letture Kantiane” organizes an International Workshop on the recent volume “Manifest Reality: Kant’s Realism and his Idealism” by Lucy Allais. The workshop will take place on September 12-13, 2017, at the department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA) of the University of Padua. The aim of the workshop is to discuss two crucial problems in the interpretation of Kant’s philosophy, namely the relation between idealism and realism and the problem of non-conceptual contents, through the reference to Allais’ book.

We invite PhD and Postdoctoral students to present their own contribution for the selection.

Possible topics of discussion

Submissions should concern the workshop’s main theme, which includes all aspects of Lucy Allais’ interpretation of Kant, as it is presented in ‘Manifest Reality’.

Possible topics could include:

• the distinction between things as they are in themselves and things as they appear to us

• the relation between the necessary ingredients of cognition: intuitions and concepts

• the role and the nature of intuition

• the role of the categories in the Transcendental Deduction

• the interpretations of Kant’s transcendental idealism

• Kant and the contemporary theories of perception

• Kant and the contemporary debate on non-conceptualism

Submission guidelines

Abstracts no longer than 2.500 characters, prepared for blind review, should be submitted to

Presentations are welcome in English and German.

Presentation time will be 25 minutes for presentation; 15 minutes for discussion

The deadline for submission is: July 25 th.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by August 15 th.

There are no registration fees; but selected participants will have to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

For further information, please email:

Organizing committee: Prof. Gabriele Tomasi, Davide Dalla Rosa, Barbara Santini, Elena Tripaldi.

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July 10, 2017
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