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US Alumni Association of Armenia

The US Alumni Association was founded on February 6, 2010.

The aim of the US Alumni Association is to unite Armeniancitizens who participated in professional trainings and educational programs inthe USA and to use their knowledge and experience gained in the USA forprofessional development of Armenia and Armenian citizens through creating effectivenetworks for academics, students and professionals.

The goals of the Association are

To stimulate the Alumni in Armenia and other countries toparticipate in social, educational, academic and public life in Armenia,

To secure active circulation of different educational,academic programs and projects worldwide,

To help the members in the development of their careercorresponding to their education and ability,

To spur the exchange of experience between professors andmembers,

To support the initiatives of youth and professionals,

To help members to further develop their career

To publish a newsletter for members

To promote exchange of experience between professionalsand specialists

To share knowledge and skills with society via organizingand conducting community activities, such as: lectures, seminars, volunteer works,entertainment activities, parties and etc.





Alex Manukyan 9, 0010 Yerevan, Armenia