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The hdpk is a leading private university for the creative industries, situated in one of Germany´s creative hubs: in Berlin. The study programs cover both artistic and technological aspects as well as practical management issues and media theory. The curriculum focuses on the music and media industries (apart from film and television).

Both the university itself and the lecturers are involved in the music and media markets, and their experience flows into the programs.

The hdpk opened in April 2010 as a private University of Applied Sciences and is approved by the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Science and Research.

Central to the university’s teaching is that it is practice-related, reflected in the interdisciplinary projects realized in all study programs and complemented by scientifically oriented, well-thought-out curricula. The curriculum planning is based on the reality of a rapidly changing professional world, ensuring that the study programs are constantly being adapted to suit new requirements. Both staff and members of the board of trustees are involved in the industry, which reinforces this approach.




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Potsdamer Straße 188, 10783 Berlin, Germany