Online Course - Introduction to Translational Research: Connecting Scientists and Medical Doctors

Publish Date: Oct 19, 2016

Introduction to Translational Research Connecting Scientists and Medical Doctors

Understand the emerging discipline of translational medicine and the process of taking research from ‘benchside’ to ‘bedside'.

Translational medicine, also known as translational science or translational research, is a new, growing discipline in medicine that aims to ensure research flows from ‘benchside’ to ‘bedside’.

This means translating medical research findings into clinical treatment options, drug development and diagnostic tools, as well as bringing clinical difficulties back to the research bench for further development.

Explore how translational medicine works

In this course, you will examine the steps from benchside (research) to bedside (clinical) that translational medicine follows - starting with identifying a disease and following on through drug development and preclinical trials.

You’ll learn from expert educators, including the president of TMU, Professor Yen - a world-class scholar who specialises in translational medicine related to cancer.

Understand the importance of multidisciplinary medicine

Using a multidisciplinary approach examining research that spans both biology and medicine, you’ll look at the gaps between lab research and clinical practice and learn how they can be filled by working collaboratively.

This is a good opportunity for healthcare workers to bring clinical questions into the research lab and ask researchers: ‘could you help us to solve this problem by developing new treatment materials?’

Key things you’ll learn on this course:

  1. The basic principles of translational medicine
  2. How translational medicine has a lot of potential
  3. Basic knowledge of medical-related research, from drug-development, animal research, to clinical trial
  4. How academic scientific research and clinical scientific research can collaborate together.


This course has been designed for senior undergraduates and postgraduates, or for those with a basic knowledge of biology or medical practice.

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