Ogston Postgraduate Music Scholarship, University of Aberdeen, UK


April 30, 2015


Opportunity Cover Image - Ogston Postgraduate Music Scholarship, University of Aberdeen, UK

Ogston Postgraduate Music Scholarship

The scholarship is available for students commencing a full-time PhD in Music in September 2015.  It is valued at £1,000 per annum for the 3 years duration of the degree.  Scholarship is open to both Home and International students.

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Elphinstone Institute Funded Fee Waiver - Immigrant Ethnographies

Emigration has long occupied Scottish researchers – the Scots diaspora – but there is growing interest in immigration, the new and dynamic populations who contribute to reframed concepts of contemporary Scottish identity. This PhD research will result in a focused ethnography at the forefront of contemporary immigrant understanding on the creative expressions of settlers/immigrants and their performance of everyday life. More and more, various facets of life in Scotland exist as a result of the dynamic lifestyles and cultures of immigrants from around the world. The Elphinstone Institute’s focus on creative expression in Scotland gives it a unique position to meet the challenges of documenting and analysing both the everyday lives and the wider influences of immigrants today. This project will build on Folklore’s century-long history of immigrant research (e.g., Boatright, Dorson, Herrera-Sobek) and approach contemporary Scottish immigration with established ethnographic methodologies and relevant archiving practices.


The candidate will explore the immigrant experience and creative expressivity, which, taken in conjunction with the more distant statistical analyses of data-driven disciplines, will lead to greater understanding of immigrant experience and influence at both micro and macro levels. Research will focus on vernacular performance practices, placing them in wider contexts to examine how immigrant creativity contributes to new, and renewed, culture and customs in the home country. Possible areas of focus include:

  • Vernacular belief
  • Funerary practices
  • Foodways
  • Communications (traditional and electronic)
  • Musical performance (sacred and secular)
  • Interior design/architecture (i.e. how immigrants reshape interiors of physical homes in Scotland)
  • Immigrant businesses
  • Narratives of immigrant-experience (both of immigrants, and those of relatives/friends who have stayed in countries of origin)

The project would add to the Institute’s recent work on immigrant communities in Scotland and feed into a range of planned academic and public engagement initiatives.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to indicate their intention to apply for the scholarship when applying for a PhD in the Elphinstone Institute. Applications must be completed and submitted online by 17:00, Thursday 30th April 2015. The application form can be found on the following web-sitehttps://www.abdn.ac.uk/pgap/login.php.

Candidates should simultaneously register their desire to be considered by emailing the Graduate School Administrator, Ann Marie Johnston, at a.m.johnston@abdn.ac.uk

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