Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016

Publish Date: Sep 23, 2016

Deadline: Oct 15, 2016


The contest is open for nature photographers worldwide, both professional and non-professional, young and old. The competition for the category young photographers is open for youngsters who have not yet turned 18 on 1 November 2016.

The organisation of Nature Talks and the jury are not allowed to participate. Images that are submitted may be taken all over the world. 

Competition rules

All images must be made in unrestricted nature. Images of pets, captive animals and cultivated plants are not permitted. Large grazers (cat 8) and wild animals within extensive grazing or safety fences are considered wild and free.

All images show respect for the subject and the environment. Images that were made while disturbing or damaging the environment are not permitted. On suspicion of disturbance or damaging the image will be excluded from participation.


The Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016 consists of nine categories for individual images (adults), a category for young photographers and the Nature Talks Fred Hazelhoff Award for a portfolio.

  • C1 Birds
  • C2 Mammals
  • C3 Other animals
  • C4 Plants and Fungi
  • C5 Landscapes
  • C6 Underwater
  • C7 Nature Art
  • C8 Man and Nature
  • C9 Nature in black and white
  • C10 Youth 10-17 years
  • C11 Fred Hazelhoff Award (portfolio)


In each category the jury will determine a winner, a runner-up and 3 highly commended. The winners of a category will receive € 500 in prize money. The runner-ups will win prizes of € 250. The highly commended photographers receive the honour and an encouragement. The winner of the youth category will receive €250. The runner-up in this category € 125.

In addition, from the 9 category winners the jury will choose one overall winner who may call himself or herself Nature Talks Photographer of the Year 2016. Next to the category prize, the overall winner will receive a prize to the value of €2500. This will give the overall winner €3000 in prize money!

Besides all these prizes, there is the Fred Hazelhoff Award for the best portfolio. The winner receives a sum of 1000 euros as well as a bowl.

Total prize money will amount to € 25,000, of which many large prizes, and many attractive photographic articles. We will give a continuous update on the prizes, so that there will be an upgrade for the winners next to the prizes already mentioned.

All awarded images will be shown in the exhibition at the Nature Talks Photo Festival. All winners will receive a beautiful photo print of Xpozer (competition sponsor) of 80 x 120 cm after the exhibition and for Nature Talks a shop will be made by and (competition sponsor).

The winners will be shown in a separate category on the website of Werkaandemuur & Nature Talks and will be brought to the attention of 100,000 consumers a month.

In this way, the winners can directly earn money with their winning image(s). will show the winners on its home page for 2 months, and will publish a number of advertisements both online and offline giving the winners even more publicity.

The award ceremony will take place during the Nature Talks Photo Festival 2016 on Saturday 12 November 2016 in the Reehorst in Ede.


The jury members are; Steve Winter (NatGeo,USA), Ole Jørgen Liodden (NOR), Jan Vermeer (NED), David Pattyn (BEL) and Andrew George (NED). They are very experienced nature photographers and award winners in several outstanding competitions themeselves as well. All of them are renowned nature photographers and have the ability to let their photos “talk”. 

There are several rounds to be judged and the jury will judge all the entries themselves. In other contests photo clubs or volunteers will judge the first elimination rounds, but at Nature Talks Photo Contest, the jury will do it!

After the elimination rounds, there will be finalists and after that round the jury will choose the categorie winners. Notice that categorie 1-9 are for single images, categorie 10 is for youngsters and categorie 11 is the Fred Hazelhoff Award for the best and appealing portfolio.

The jury will choose the overall winner from the categorie winners. He or she is the proud first winner of the titel:
Nature Talks Photographer Of The Year 2016 and get an overall prize money of € 3.000.

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