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Mozilla Fellowship Program 2019/20, USA

Publish Date: Feb 05, 2019

Deadline: Mar 03, 2019

Mozilla Fellowship host organization application guide

A completed application submitted using Mozilla’s Fluxx portal is required of all Host Organizations applying to host fellows in the Mozilla Fellowship program. The deadline to apply is March 3, 2019 at 11:59pm PT.

All successful submissions chosen for the next round will receive a request for follow-up correspondence and an invitation to interview from Mozilla by March 16, 2019. We will respond to all submitted applications via email in summer 2019. Final decisions on selected host organizations for the next cohort will be announced by April, corresponding with our call for fellowship applications in 2019.

Engaging host partners enables Mozilla to build deeper relationships with organizations who share our goal of a healthier internet. The fellowship relationship gives host organizations and like-minded fellows focused on public interest technology access to each other’s insights and experiences toward the pursuit of shared goals and missions. This strengthens the strategic technology capacity and openness of civil society organizations and provides growth opportunity for the fellows. We understand that effective and responsible technology, tools, and strategies are critical for such civil society organizations to not only best execute their mission, but also to protect the sensitive data and communities they serve.  

What are the expectations of fellows embedded with host organizations? We expect the fellows to be the stewards of the internet health movement. As part of that, we expect fellows to:

  • Champion the open Internet in collaboration with their fellowship cohort peers

  • Be an active contributor to the culture and mission of the host organization

  • Participate in Mozilla-organized events, such as conferences, learning opportunities, and weekly calls, and community events (MozFest, etc.)

  • Communicate and share openly their work on an ongoing basis (e.g., blog posts)

  • Work on projects that align with the host organization’s mission and fellow’s interests for the benefit of the open web.

  • Program Timeline: The 2019-2020 fellowship year starts in October 2019 and runs through July 2020. Host organizations for 2019 are selected in March, and applications for 2019-2020 fellows will open in April 2019.

As an organization, we have recognized the value and urgency of focusing more efforts on better machine decision making -- it is an issue that touches on everything from online privacy to digital inclusion to the spread of misinformation. To this end, we want the Mozilla Fellowship to include many fellows and host organizations that will be able to collaborate to have greater impact in this area.

Will the fellow work from our office? Not necessarily. Many fellows work remotely or may only visit the office occasionally. When possible, we do try to match fellows with host organization in or near where they live to facilitate closer collaboration, but there have been many successful Mozilla fellows who have been embedded in organizations in different cities or countries. We do not provide relocation support or visas for fellows to move to be in the same city or country as a host organization.

Do fellows get paid? Who pays the fellows? The fellows will be paid a fixed stipend, plus additional funds for travel for fellowship-related activities, health insurance, and project expenses. The fellows will be paid directly from Mozilla in the form of a stipend. The fellow will be neither an employee of the host organization nor of Mozilla. Fellows sign an agreement with Mozilla before they start their fellowships.

What is the relationship of the host organizations to Mozilla and Ford? We see the fellowship as one of a myriad ways that we engage partners in internet health to create a stronger movement together. Mozilla Foundation and Ford Foundation choose to embed fellows in civil society organizations that are dedicated to building stronger internet health related resources and systems.

What if I have more questions? You are welcome to reach out to the fellowship team at

Application guidelines

Instructions for using Mozilla’s Fluxx Portal

  1. Go to

  1. Complete the application form and click Submit Request

    1. You must answer all bolded questions.

    2. The application will not allow you to save as you go.  We recommend that you draft your responses on a separate document and paste them into the application form when you are ready to submit.

  1. Once you click Submit Request, you should see a confirmation that your registration has been received.

    1. Within 2 business days a confirmation email that your application has been submitted successfully. If you have not received a confirmation email within two business days please email

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