Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online Course On Building Mobile Apps

Publish Date: Jan 19, 2016

Deadline: Mar 28, 2016

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online Course On Building Mobile Apps

Length: 4 weeks

Effort: 10-12 hours/week

Price: FREE
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Level: Advanced

Languages: English

Video Transcripts: English

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This module will teach you how to take your app idea from a paper prototype to a working application for iOS or Android.

We will cover mobile specific topics such as location and networking to create responsive, personalized applications as well as ways to instrument your application to understand user behavior.

You will showcase your working apps in an online poster and demo session.  Through sharing your application, you will have the opportunity to gain feedback from your peers.

This module is part of a five-part Mobile Application Experiences series:

  • 21W.789.1x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 1: From a Domain to an App Idea
  • 21W.789.2x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 2: Mobile App Design
  • 21W.789.3x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 3: Building Mobile Apps
  • 21W.789.4x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 4: Understanding Use
  • 21w.789.5.x: Mobile Application Experiences Part 5: Reporting Research Findings

What you'll learn

  • How to create apps for iOS or Android
  • How various location technologies work and how to build performant applications that utilize location service
  • How to present your work in a poster and demo session

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Understanding a Domain
Week 1: Studying a Domain
Week 2: Identifying Themes and Market Gaps
Week 3: Proposing a Novel Application
Module 2: Mobile Design
Week 1: From Use Cases to Screens
Week 2: Paper and Interactive Prototyping
Week 3: Usability Testing
Module 3: Building Mobile Applications
Week 1: Getting Started on Android and iOS
Week 2: Mobile Location and Networking
Week 3: Instrumentation and Logging / Poster Session
Module 4: Understanding Use
Week 1: Quantitative Methods: Logging, A/B Testing
Week 2: Qualitative Methods: Field and Diary Studies
Week 3: Analyzing Data: Case Study
Module 5: Reporting Research Findings
Week 1: Writing a CHI-style paper
Week 2: Submit paper

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