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Landscape Research Group Research Fund 2019 - The Interplay of Language, Landscape Governance and Justice, UK

Publish Date: Feb 08, 2019

Deadline: Mar 01, 2019

 LRG Research Fund 2019: Call for applications

The Landscape Research Group (LRG) is pleased to announce our 2019 Research Fund. The 50th Anniversary Research Fund was created in 2017, and it is our plan to continue with an annual Research Fund to support a small number of high-quality projects which align strongly with LRG’s current strategic priorities, as outlined in our Research Strategy and specified below.

We particularly welcome applications from early career researchers and practitioners in any field of landscape, and projects with a strong element of collaboration and exchange.

2019 Research Fund Theme: The Interplay of Language, Landscape Governance and Justice

Landscape justice and landscape governance are two of the four themes highlighted in our Research Strategy. According to it, landscape justice is concerned with issues of access and exclusion, ownership and dispossession, connection and disconnection within and across communities, societies, generations and species. It concerns decision-making power and disenfranchisement, and fairness or lack thereof in the distribution of the potential benefits deriving from landscape. Landscape research in this area considers who has voice and power in landscape contexts, and how justice, democracy and citizenship are exercised.

Due to the popularity and ongoing relevance of the landscape justice theme, which was the focus for the 50th Anniversary Research Fund, we are continuing with the theme for 2019. However we would particularly welcome projects focusing on the interplay of language (broadly understood), landscape governance and justice. This was one of the main themes that arose during our Landscape Justice Debate in December 2018, and the point was also made that language we used in speaking and studying landscape impacts on the nature of landscape research, the subject matter, the participants and the outcomes.

The Research Fund will support applications for:

  • research into the circumstances in which injustice is generated and sustained in landscape contexts in relation in particular to landscape governance;
  • research into injustices that are historically-embedded in the landscape, that are emerging now or that might emerge in the future, particularly in relation to landscape governance;
  • research into the impacts of the language used in communicating ideas and issues around landscape with different audiences. “Language” is here understood in the broad sense to include visual/pictorial/image and tonal based forms of language, as well as verbal and written language.
  • research that addresses the interplay as revealed through the language used between organisations, audiences and outcomes in developing policies and practices that address landscape injustice
  • projects and activities that make use of research in the development and implementation of policies, practices and/or actions that address landscape injustice;
  • projects and activities that create opportunities and mechanisms for the generation, dissemination and/or use of knowledge, understanding or insight into landscape justice.


Deadline for submission of applications:
1st March 2019

Applicants notified of funding decision by:
23rd March 2019

Earliest possible project start date:
1st April 2019

Projects to be completed by*:
31st March 2020

Eligible projects

The Research Fund is open to projects dealing with any aspect of landscape, as consistent with the way that term is used and defined in our Research Strategy.

The LRG adopts a broad definition of ‘research project’ in this context. Projects should aim to produce, disseminate and/or use knowledge, understanding or insight, or to create opportunities and mechanisms which enable people to work towards these ends. We will consider proposals for activities including but not limited to: fundamental research; applied research; research & development; knowledge exchange; dissemination; and capacity-building. 

Priority will be given to projects which include a strong element of collaboration and exchange which transcends individual disciplines; different sectors; and/or the boundaries between professional researchers, practitioners and the public.  As a charity, the Landscape Research Group is particularly interested in funding projects with a clear public benefit.

Applicant eligibility 

There are no restrictions as to discipline, sector or nationality.  All applications will be assessed against the criteria specified below.  

However, funds are limited and where the number of high-quality applications exceeds the amount of funding available, preference will be given to applicants who are LRG members (including those who have recently registered and whose membership registrations are pending).  

The LRG wishes to support early career researchers and practitioners in the field of landscape and we encourage applicants at any stage in their career to apply for funding for projects appropriate to their experience. 

Funding Available

The LRG Board has allocated a total of £10,000 to the 2019 Research Fund.  Applications are invited for an LRG funding contribution of between £1,000 and £5,000. 

Preference will be given to applications that propose to maximise the impact of LRG’s funds by securing additional funds and/or in-kind contributions.  In sections 4 and 5 of the Application Form, applicants should provide details of the costs to be covered by LRG funding and the costs to be covered from other sources.

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