Kokugakuin University Visiting Fellows Program 2016, Japan

Publish Date: Oct 28, 2016

Deadline: Dec 15, 2016

Overview of Fellows Program 2016

Toward the promotion of international academic communication and cooperation, and in the interest of stimulating global research on Japanese society and culture, Kokugakuin University administers a Visiting Fellows Program to support qualified foreign researchers with fellowships as Kokugakuin University Visiting Fellows (hereinafter, “Visiting Fellows”).


  1. Applicants for the Visiting Fellows program shall be researchers engaged in a field of study dealing broadly with Japanese culture and society.
  2. The focus of a Visiting Fellow’s research must be one shared with one or more faculty members of Kokugakuin University to allow the provision of appropriate collaboration with and direction to the Visiting Fellow.
  3. In principle, Visiting Fellows must be candidates for the Ph. D. degree (or equivalent) affiliated with universities or research intuitions located outside of Japan.
  4. Citizenship or nationality is not taken into consideration when selecting Visiting Fellows.
    The successful applicant for the Visiting Fellows Program shall possess a sufficient command of the Japanese or English language to allow successful completion of research and academic activities in Japan.
  5. During the term of his or her designation as Kokugakuin Visiting Fellow, an individual may not receive other fellowships or funding exceeding JPY300,000 (or equivalent) per month, and may not take on any employment not permitted by the conditions of his or her visa.

Annual Quota

No specific quota of Visiting Fellows is set, but it is anticipated that a few persons will be selected each year of the program.

Period of Research

1) Once selected as a Visiting Fellow, an individual shall begin his or her research in Japan between October 1 and December 1, 2017.
2) An individual shall conclude his or her term of research as a Visiting Fellow on or before September 30, 2018.
3) The status of Visiting Fellow shall be granted for a period between six and twelve months. In principle, no change in the period of research shall be permitted once the applicant begins his or her research at Kokugakuin.

Stipend and Travel Expenses

1) A Visiting Fellow shall be provided with economy class round-trip airline passage from the Fellow’s home country to Tokyo. The route covered by the ticket shall be reasonable in terms of economy and availability.
2) Each Visiting Fellow shall be provided with a monthly stipend of JPY300,000 (fractions of full months fewer than twenty five days shall be paid on a per diem basis (JPY10,000 per day). If a Visiting Fellow takes advantage of on-campus residence (single occupancy), the scholarship will be reduced to JPY210,000 (fractions of full months fewer than twenty five days shall be paid on a per diem basis (JPY7,000 per day).
(Visiting Fellows may be levied taxes on the aforementioned stipend in accordance with Japanese law.)

Stipend and Expenses

(1) Round-trip air ticket from the applicant’s home country to Japan (economy class) will be provided.
(2) Visiting researchers will each be paid a monthly living stipend of JPY150,000 during the period of their stay in Japan (fractions of full months will be paid on a per diem basis, (JPY5,000 per day).
(3) A one-time research stipend (maximum JPY100,000) will be paid for use in purchasing books and materials, and for research-related travel while in Japan.
(4) Each visiting researcher will be provided with a on campus private guest room for single during their stay or substituting support in case the room is not available.

Responsibility of Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows shall agree to fulfill the following conditions to promote international research and academic cooperation:

1) Visiting Fellows shall appear before faculty colloquia to present research plans at the beginning of the period of research, and to present the results of research at the conclusion of the research period;
2) Visiting Fellows shall cooperate with requests for occasional lectures in their area of specialty at Kokugakuin, so far as such requests do not impede research activities;
3) Before returning to their home countries, Visiting Fellows shall present the results of their research to the chairperson of the International Exchange Programs Office and the university president in the form of oral presentations and/or written papers.
4) During their term as Visiting Fellows, individuals shall dedicate themselves to research activities at Kokugakuin and shall publicize the results of their research within two years of the completion of their term as Visiting Fellows, noting specifically that the research was made possible with the support of the Visiting Fellows Program at Kokugakuin University.
5) In the event the results of research take the form of monograph(s) or other paper publication(s), the Visiting Fellow shall donate three copies of the publications to Kokugakuin University.
6) Unless otherwise specified, Visiting Fellows shall be responsible for all expenses incurred in their research and everyday life. Examples of such expenses may include, among other things, medical fees, taxes and National Health Insurance fees, and expenses for transportation involved in their research.

Application Procedures

Applicants shall submit the documents listed in Section 7 by the application deadline, following the instructions noted in 1), 2), and 3) below. The application process shall not be completed until Kokugakuin acknowledges receipt of the documents.
1) Applicants shall submit the required documents by registered mail, trackable courier service, or by PDF file attachment to email.
2) Deadline for submission of all documents is December 15, 2016, Japan standard time.
3) The International Exchange Programs Office at Kokugakuin willl send acknowledgement within three days of receipt of documents. If the applicant does not receive acknowledgement, he/she should contact the International Exchange Programs Office without delay.

Application Documents

Applicants shall submit the following documents, completed in either Japanese or English. If documents are submitted in other languages, they must be accompanied by an accurate translation in Japanese or English.
1) Application form (Form 1)
2) Research proposal
3) Recommendation letter from the head of the home institution / organization or equivalent.
4) Recommendation letter from a researcher who can attest to the research abilities of the applicant
※In the event the authors of letters 3) and 4) are the same person, the two letters may be combined in a single letter.
5) Document certifying the status of the applicant as a student or employee of the home institution
6) Curriculum vitae, including the applicant’s academic record, career record, published research, membership in academic societies, and relevant social activity
7) Health certificate (issued by the home institution or other medical authority) certifying the applicant’s health is sufficient to conduct research during the period as a Visiting Fellow.)

In some cases, Kokugakuin University may request the applicant for further information and/or documentation. The applicant may be rejected in the event any false statement or data is found in the submitted documents.

Letter of agreement from a tenured faculty member of Kokugakuin University.

In addition to the documents listed in section 7, an applicant shall submit a letter from a tenured faculty member of Kokugakuin University (Form 2) agreeing to act as cooperating academic advisor to the applicant in the event the applicant is selected as Visiting Fellow. The letter may also be submitted to the International Exchange Programs Office directly by the cooperating Kokugakuin faculty member.

In the event the cooperating academic advisor is away from Kokugakuin during the period of the Visiting Fellow’s actual research, a different tenured faculty mamber may be nominated to act as alternate academic advisor before or during the Visiting Fellow’s period of residence as a researcher.

If an applicant is unable to find an appropriate cooperating academic advisor from within the Kokugakuin faculty, he/she may request an introduction by sending the Application form (Form 1), Research proposal, and Curriculum Vitae to the International Exchange Programs Office by November 5, 2016. Depending on the applicant’s area of specialty, however, it cannot be assured that an appropriate Kokugakuin faculty member will be found to take the role of academic advisor for the applicant.

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