Job - Director of Research at Arar Civilizational Research Foundation, Armenia

Publish Date: Jan 25, 2016

Vacancy - Director of Research at Arar Civilizational Research Foundation

The Director of Research in partnership with the Executive Director, Board and Advisory Council, is responsible for the success of Foundation’s mission. S/he also initiates, structures, supervises and directly contributes to the key research activities of the Foundation. The Board delegates the responsibility for management of day-to-day research activities to the Director of Research, and s/he has the authority to carry out these responsibilities, in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Board, and in consultation with the Executive Director.


  1. Mission, policy and planning
    1. Plans with the Board and the Executive Director the Foundation’s research activity on an annual and quarterly basis
    2. Helps the Board and the Executive Director to monitor and evaluate the relevance of Foundation’s research to the stakeholder community, and effectiveness of outcomes
    3. Keeps the Board and the Executive Director informed on the condition of Foundation’s research activities and on important factors influencing it.

i.      Identifies problems and opportunities and addresses them; brings those which are appropriate to the Board; and, facilitates discussion and deliberation.

ii.      Informs the Board and Executive Director about trends, issues, problems and activities in Foundation’s research activities

  1. Reports quarterly to the Board on status of research activities.
  2. Management and administration
    1. Organizes daily research activities of the Foundation
    2. Maintains and develops a database of experts and knowledge resources in the areas where the Foundation has research interests, through regularly monitoring and evaluating activities of individual experts and research teams in areas of core focus
    3. Assures a work environment that attracts and retains quality researchers for Foundation’s research activities
    4. Monitors the external research and publications, relevant for Foundation’s activities
    5. Supports the Executive Director in implementing the key projects of the Foundation, particularly in areas where the application of research findings is critical for success
    6. Governance and Financing
      1. Works with the Board Chair and Executive Director to enable the Board to fulfill its governance functions, interacts with the Council on governance issues
      2. Ensures that research programs and services are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.
      3. Works with the Board and Executive Director to ensure financing of research activities
      4. Ensures work acceptance and timely disbursement of the funds to the Foundation’s research contractors
      5. Research organization
        1. Conducts preliminary investigations to scope the research activities
        2. Writes research plans and coordinates them with the Board and the Executive Director
        3. Works together with the Board and the Executive Director to mobilize the resources to start research projects set by the Board, attracts and selects external experts and research teams best capable for individual assignment
        4. Designs individual activity for each team member in the research projects
        5. Facilitates the teamwork among team members, organizes meetings, expert interviews, and brainstorming sessions
        6. Act as a node in the research team to collect individual contributions of the members and then redistribute new tasks or iterations, arranges and facilitates joint problem solving sessions
        7. Follows for the quality control of the project (meeting deadlines, smooth teamwork, and overall quality of research), ensures quality representation of research results through modern technical means
        8. Contributes to research teams by leading individual pieces of research, especially in areas of own expertize
        9. At the request of the Board, conducts small research projects acting as the main contributor
        10. Stakeholder relations and external communication
          1. During project/research designing phase communicate actively with the main stakeholders of the project, understand their needs, and include their recommendations into the scope/design of research projects
          2. Disseminate the research among all stakeholders, educate them by communicating the research outcomes
          3. Supports the Executive Director during the research implementation phase, to interpret research results and facilitate implementation
          4. Takes part in public communication of research outcomes
          5. Interacts with the Council of the Foundation to present research results


A Master equivalent Degree is required with experience in research, Ph.D. is a plus. As a Director in research foundation, this individual should demonstrate critical competencies in five broad categories: thought leadership, content expertize, commitment to results, team leadership, and collaboration.

Thought leadership

As a director in research foundation, the Director of Research should demonstrate strong analytical and problem solving capacity, fast learning, and intellectual curiosity. He/she should combine conceptual thinking with sufficient attention to detail, creativity with analytical rigor, and innovative approach with practicality of his judgement.

Content expertize

The candidate should have experience in research work, as well as ideally publications, in social or natural sciences, or on technology. Over time, he/she should start specializing in certain areas of knowledge, and build deep expertize in areas of Foundation’s core focus. The candidate should possess strong research toolkit, be well versed in data modeling and presentation techniques, be fluent in Armenian and English, and have knowledge of one of other major languages of modern research (Russian, French, German, Chinese, etc.)

Commitment to results

The Director of research should be a systems thinker who is customer focused and goal driven. This individual identifies relevant information and helps transform this information into individual and organizational knowledge and learning. The Director of research should be action oriented and innovative. S/he translates broad goals into achievable steps. S/he anticipates and solves problems and takes advantage of opportunities, and strongly focuses on stakeholder impact.

Team leadership

The Director of research possesses the skills and implements the functions of a team leader. S/he is capable of inspiring and motivating team members, explain the goals and set out clear performance expectations, facilitate team problem solving, control the quality and timing of deliverables, and effectively deal with underperformance.


S/he shares Foundation’s values, mission and vision. S/he consistently displays integrity, models behavior, develops people, and builds teams. This individual deals effectively with demanding situations and designs and implements interventions when necessary, and works with the key stakeholders to ensure joint ownership of process and outcomes.

Compensation will be highly competitive, and will include base compensation, semiannual bonus, and benefits. The level of compensation will depend on individual candidate’s demonstrated skills, capabilities and proven track record.

Please send your CV to the following email address: indicating in the subject line the title of the vacancy you are applying for.

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