IT Education at COAF SMART Center: Children of Armenia Fund Partnership Call

Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)


September 15, 2017

Opportunity Cover Image - IT Education at COAF SMART Center: Children of Armenia Fund Partnership Call


COAF seeks to partner with organizations/groups of individuals with established reputation and extensive experience in IT education to design and deliver study program modules in the below listed areas for SMART Initiative and COAF SMART Center:

  • Computer and ICT Literacy
  • App development
  • Programming & Coding
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Markup Languages: HTML, JavaScript, etc.
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Project Management
  • Related Programs (e.g. applied physics and mathematics, robotics, etc.)

The two pillars of COAF SMART Initiative are the non-formal learning environment and the content provided. The environment is ensured through such infrastructure as the technology enhanced COAF SMART Rooms, SMART Safe Rooms and SMART Center. The content is built on innovative and creative methods of non-formal education. Technology is the underlying tool that penetrates all the offerings of COAF SMART Center. It is integrated throughout different programs offered such as arts, music, etc., but is also a standalone segment of the SMART Center curriculum.


The COAF SMART Center in Debet, Lori is the flagman of SMART Initiative. All programs at the SMART Center are organically combined into an interactive and enriching curriculum that believes in the power of non-traditional forms of education, including project-based and action-based learning, life-long learning and others. The diversity of curriculum offerings, teaching methods and learning activities makes SMART’s programmatic palette accessible for all age groups. SMART-offered skills, competences and learning outcomes target all age categories from as young as four-year-olds to adults; Nevertheless, the main target groups of the center are going to be Middle and High school students.

The daily capacity of COAF SMART Center is maximum 200 people, 50 - 100 of which will be involved in the mentioned courses with some regularity during the day. All those children will receive ICT literacy courses with some regularity, while 40-60 children will be enrolled in 2- 3 targeted courses – such as Programming and/or App Development with a different regularity.

It is expected for partners to implement their activities at the SMART Center, in Debet community of Lori Region. The regional presence will be obligatory for the period of the first six months of partnership after which the activities can be organized with the involvement of local specialists based on mentoring and monitoring principles.

Application Process:

  • All interested partners should submit EOIs based on the criteria listed below.
  • All short-listed partners will have an opportunity to meet with COAF and address any questions prior to selection.
  • All short-listed partners should submit clearly formulated curriculum/program that covers at least three of the above-mentioned areas and is reliant for the defined age group. They state their program objectives, activities, outcomes and methodology which should be in line with SMART Initiative’s values and vision. COAF might partner with one or multiple organizations qualified in the field and interested in furthering the collaboration.
  • COAF will acknowledge the receipt of each submitted EOI. Please note that participation in this Call for Partnership does not guarantee selection as project partner and all applying organizations will be informed about the outcome. Reviewing the applications might take up to one month: Once EOI applications are evaluated according to merit, selected candidates will be notified upon further proceeding.

Using the Expression of Interest (EOI) template, interested parties should email their Expression of Interest documents to with EOI-name of organization as the subject heading, before September 152017.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Proven track record (a minimum of 3 years) in the relevant field.
  • Willingness to contribute/cost-share with COAF in implementing the program.
  • A distinct approach about building local capacity and transferring the program implementation (including materials, software, etc.) to local specialists within 6 to 12 months.
  • A demonstrated intent to provide mentorship to local specialists.
  • A good balance between an effective and creative approach to the partnership.

N.B. Additional credit will be given to the organizations that will provide further employment opportunities to local specialists.

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