International Scholarship for MSc in Trauma Sciences,, UK, 2015/16

Publish Date: Aug 17, 2015

Deadline: Sep 01, 2015

TRAUMA.ORG Scholarship for MSc in Trauma Sciences or Trauma Sciences (Military & Humanitarian)

The TRAUMA.ORG Foundation is extremely pleased to announce it's scholarship award for a candidate to undertake one of the Masters in Trauma Sciences programmes at Barts & the London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London.

The Trauma Sciences and the Military/Humanitarian Trauma Sciences MSc programmes - are innovative distance learning courses designed to generate deep understanding of trauma as a global disease, its specific pathophysiology, modern treatment and systems of care. The Masters are part-time distance learning courses using modern co-learning Internet-based technologies to provide a rich educational environment for participants.

Trauma is a global disease and its effects are especially severe in the less developed parts of the world. TRAUMA.ORG, as a global trauma education provider is committed to its worldwide agenda and as such is offering one scholarship for the 2015 MSc entry of ~ 50% of course fees. Applications must be received by 1st September 2015.

Scholarship Award Competition - Entry Requirements

  1. The applicant must be a citizen of a low or middle income country as defined by the World Bank - (includes lower-middle and upper-middle countriies)
  2. The applicant must work full time in a low or middle income country.
  3. The applicant must meet all MSc entry requirements of Queen Mary University of London (see How to Apply -
  4. The applicant should have access to a computer, broadband connection and other equipment to allow full participation in the MSc
  5. The applicant should submit a 1000 word essay on the burden of trauma in their own region and or country and the systems of care for managing injured patients.
  6. The applicant should submit a 500 word essay on how the Masters will help their education, career and injured patients in their institution or region.

Competition applications

The deadline for competition applications is 1st September 2015.

Applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae and two essays by email to:

Candidates who will apply for the MSc regardless of success in the competition should complete an online application to the programme as normal. Candidates who would only undertake the course with a scholarship should wait until they are informed that they are successful before completing the University application process.

Submissions will be reviewed by the directors of the TRAUMA.ORG Foundation. The successful competition applicant will be informed by email by 22nd September 2015.

For each year of the MSc the candidate will be expected to pay the first 50% of the course fees and TRAUMA.ORG will pay the second installment of the fees directly to QMUL. Payment of the second year of the fees is dependent on active participation in, and successful completion of the first year of the MSc.

For any queries about the scholarship please email

For further information about the Masters in Trauma Sciences Programmes see which has links to the Course Curriculum - and examples of the modules and some didactic components of the course.


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