Horse Riding Lessons from "Horse Riding School", Armenia

Publish Date: Sep 22, 2016

Horse Riding School admission

Equestrian Sport Center after H. Hayrapetyan and Ayrudzi Riding Club sponsored by the Federation of Equestrian Sport of Armenia founded "Horse Riding School".
"Horse Riding School" welcomes you and has the honour to provide you with an overview on horse riding school lessons.
"Horse Riding School" organizes lessons at 10 years of age upwards and announces admission.
The horse riding school lessons include getting to know the culture of how to behave with horse, their lifestyle and behaviour.
Rider's, particularly children, are taught not only skills on the horse, but skills that are integral to good horsemanship and ownership of horses.
We have qualified instructors, equipped to train beginners. Equestrian master classes will be instructed by Mr. Gagik Paradyan, horse riding professionals and professional volunteers.

We regularly host:
• 2 stages: each stage consists of 8 lessons
• 1 hour group riding lessons
• Each stage duration: 1 month
• Group lessons start at 10 years of age upwards
• Type of lessons: Child group and Adult group lesson
Lessons will be held twice a week: on Mondays or Thursdays in Yerevan at Equestrian sport center after H. Hayrapetyan (39 Shiraki St.) and on Saturdays in Ashtarak city at  Ayrudzi Riding Club (3 Mushegh Bagratunu St.).
At Horse Riding School, horses are carefully matched to suit each rider’s experience, ability and confidence.
Individual approach and qualified personnel.

Price for each stage is AMD 40.000.
Lessons start: SEPTEMBER 26
Please fill in the registration form online or call us (+374 43 46 50 00).

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