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Harvard University - Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics ITAMP Visitor Program

Publish Date: May 27, 2015


The Institute was created in response to the concerns of the Atomic and Molecular Physics community and it is dedicated to serving the community. The Visiting Scientist Programs, ia an important part of the Institute and provides the critical mass necessary to create an exciting, stimulating research environment. Short-term visitors are hosted for periods of one week to 2 months. Long-term visitors stay for periods of 2 to 12 months.

One must apply for an Appointment through ITAMP's Visitng Scientist Program Organizer. Financial support for visitors is arranged prior to each visit. You will only be reimbursed up to the amount agreed in your invitation letter. Short-term visit support is limited to travel expenses and subsistence. Support for long-term visits may also include a small stipend. On acceptance to the program you will be sent a letter of invitation specifying the details of your appointment. 

For an up to date Calendar of Current ITAMP Visitors, Please visit our online Calendar at:

For the Cfa Wolbach Library contact:


  • Your curriculum vitae and bibliography
  • Citizenship and U.S. Social Security number if available
  • Reprints of your last several papers
  • A statement about the research you plan to accomplish:
    (a) Visitors of less than 3 months: one to two concise paragraphs;
    (b) Visitors of 3 to 6 months: one to two pages;
    (c) Visitors over 6 months: two to three pages.
  • The time period you plan to spend at the Institute
  • Details about the support you need from the Institute
  • Information about any major computing requirements
  • The date by which you need a formal response to your application


Visiting Scientists Program
60 Garden Street, MS 14
Cambridge, MA 02138


itamp.si.hu@gmail.com or


Failure to follow these policies may result in ITAMP being unable to reimburse you for your expenses.

ITAMP is federally funded an expenses submitted for reimbursement must follow U.S. federal guidelines. If ITAMP has agreed to support your visit and reimburse your travel cost (as stated in your invitation letter) you must arrange your travel according the the federal reimbursement guidelines. A helpful website regarding government travel regulations is http://www.fedtravel.com/gsa/default.asp. 

More specifically these guidelines state:

  • Flights must be on United States Flag Carriers. Travelers who purchase International airfares (defined as trips taking more than six hours of fly-time, including Alaska & Hawaii, but excluding trips to Canada and Mexico taking under six hours) must follow the United States Federal Travel Regulations, even through less costly foreign flag carriers may be available.In cases where you are flying Lufthansa, please make sure that your ticket is written on an American Airline ticket stock and lists the American flight numbers.

  • Accommodations must be withing the federal per diem allowed for Cambridge, MA. To find the current per diem for Cambridge visit www.gsa.gov website.

  • Please also note that you will only be reimbursed up to the amount agreed on in your invitation letter.

  • ITAMP requires that you submit a travel expense report. This report will include receipts for all claimed expenses over $75.

  • Please make sure to make an appointment with ITAMP's Administrator in order to process this paperwork. Should you have any questions regarding the paperwork or the appointment, please contact ITAMP Coordinator, via phone (617) 495-9524 or e-mail (itamp@cfa.harvard.edu).

For information about housing, consult the ITAMP home page under "Living Accommodations."
Group computer facilities consist of Sun Sparc and Compaq Alpha workstations and several G4 Macs. Assistance is available to visitors in getting access to the computing they need.

Recipients of awards exceeding three months will be offered an opportunity to join an SAO-sponsored health insurance plan upon arrival. This insurance may also be obtained for eligible dependents: your spouse, your unmarried children under 19 years of age, and your unmarried children between 19 and 22 years of age if they attend school full-time. You may obtain this insurance for yourself and your dependents without medical examination by completing an enrollment form within the first 14 days of the beginning of your appointment. Should you elect to enroll in the group plan, your coverage will become effective on either the first or the fifteenth day of that month or the following month, depending on the beginning of your tenure and the enrollment date.

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