Hans Fischer Research Fellowshpis for Early-career International Scientists 2018, Germany

Publish Date: Sep 01, 2017

Deadline: Oct 25, 2017

Hans Fischer Fellowship

Target Group

Outstanding early-career (doctorate completed within the past 12 years) international scientists who intend to explore innovative, high-risk topics in their scientific research areas together with a TUM Research Group are eligible for a TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Fellowship. The nominee and planned TUM-IAS Host should submit a joint proposal.


This Fellowship is named after TUM professor Hans Fischer (1881-1945), who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1930 for his pioneering work on hemoglobin and related structures.

Duration/Stays at TUM

The Fellowships last 3 years with the expectation that the Fellow will spent a total of at least 9 months at TUM (which can be divided individually into several stays). In this way, the TUM-IAS intends to further a lasting and productive connection on an international level.

Hans Fischer Fellows will automatically receive the benefits of a TUM-IAS Visiting Fellow for the year following the end of their tenure with up to €10,000 for travel expenses. They will be eligible for further visiting expenses thereafter on the basis of yearly proposals, depending on the availability of funds.


Hans Fischer Fellows receive an award of €30,000 plus €50,000 for travel, housing and research related costs, such as the organization of workshops etc. A further €30,000 can be allocated to the Fellowship if required (e.g. for projects with special experimental needs). This further funding requires an application to the TUM-IAS office and will be granted on the basis of quality, need and availability of funds. Fellows will be given a maximum degree of freedom as to how they utilize these funds (within bounds set by funding agencies; the funds are administered by the TUM-IAS) and their time. The award will be transferred to the Fellow typically in two to three installments.

Doctoral candidate

Hans Fischer Fellows receive support for one doctoral candidate at TUM (TV-L E 13 position (max. 75%) for three years), who will be co-advised by the TUM Host professor and the Hans Fischer Fellow. Hans Fischer Fellows have the right to award doctorates (Promotionsrecht). The doctoral candidate is encouraged to spend a significant part of his/her studies abroad at the home institute of the TUM-IAS Fellow. The doctoral work should be performed mainly during the Fellowship time, therefore the search and hiring process of a candidate should be accomplished within six months after the Fellowship appointment. In exceptional cases TUM-IAS may also consider a limited post-doc position, within the same financial framework.

Family support

For Fellows with family responsibilities, the TUM-IAS offers flexible funding (for example for childcare/school fees), additional administrative support, and various other kinds of provisions. 

How to apply

  • The Deans of TUM Faculties, all further members of the “Erweitertes Hochschulpräsidium (EHP)” as well as members of the TUM-IAS Board of Trustees can directly nominate candidates for TUM-IAS Fellowships (any member of the university community can propose, but the nomination must typically be channeled through the Dean of the hosting Faculty or the Director of the hosting Institute).
  • Please submit the following application documents: 

    • a nomination letter including the facilities provided for the Fellow by the TUM Host institute,
    • a CV including a list of major publications (please highlight the 3-5 most important publications),
    • a statement of purpose jointly signed by the candidate and the hosting professor, describing how the Fellowship would contribute to the innovation of the scientific or technological environment at TUM, and the specific goals to be achieved. The statement of purpose should also include the following elements:
      • a budget plan,
      • a time plan regarding the candidate’s projected periods of stay at TUM,
      • an identification of possible additional (interdisciplinary) collaboration partners both within TUM-IAS and within TUM as well as a short explanation as to why this collaboration would be beneficial,
      • an outline for an international, ideally interdisciplinary workshop/colloquium, to be organized during the active Fellowship period,
    • a list of 4-6 international peer-reviewers without any conflict of interest  – if applicable, also a list of persons that should be excluded from reviewing the proposal,
    • a letter of nomination from the Dean of the hosting faculty or another member of the EHP or Board of Trustees.

  • Each Host has to suggest two candidates for the envisaged Fellowship. One of these candidates must be a female researcher2.

  • Proposed Fellows have to have completed their doctorate within the last 12 years (allowance can be made for special circumstances like parental leave). Hans Fischer Fellows have to provide proof of employment at their home institution for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • Hans Fischer Fellows are co-funded by the EU Marie Curie COFUND program, which implies that they have to fulfill the mobility requirements of the program, i.e., no more than 12 months of employment in Germany in the three years preceding the publication date of the respective call. In order to avoid cross-funding, please inform the TUM-IAS management office if you have been granted any other EU funding at the time of your application or during your Fellowship.

  • The call for Fellowships is now open with a deadline on October 25, 2017. Please send nominations directly to the TUM-IAS office. Decisions will be mailed within six months.

2 It is possible to suggest one candidate for Hans Fischer and another for Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship, and not necessarily both for a Hans Fischer Fellowship.

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