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GRE revised General Test preparation MasterClass

Publish Date: Mar 01, 2014

Deadline: Mar 10, 2014

Event Dates: from Mar 14, 2014 12:00 to Apr 25, 2014 12:00

The International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE)

invites you to participate in

GRE revised General Test preparation MasterClass

conducted by Arthur Grigorian, PhD

Dates: from March 14 through April 25, every Monday and Friday.

Venue: International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE). Address: 74 Teryan Street, Yerevan.

Time: the lessons will start at 17:00 and last for 1 hour and 40 minutes, without breaks. 

Orientation Session: an open orientation session will be conducted free of charge on March 7, at 17:00 at the  address mentioned above. 

Working Language: English. It is recommended that participants have at least upper-intermediate or advanced     level of English.

Course Description: A total of 13 lessons will be conducted, during which 15 chapters will be covered. This course includes intensive theory and exercise practice for Quantitative, Verbal, and Writing parts of the GRE test. The lessons will help students develop specific techniques to effectively solve the GRE problems. As a homework assignment, students are expected to solve 2,000+ quantitative and verbal problems. Answer key and detailed   explanations to each homework assignment will be provided. The most typical GRE problems and the most challenging ones from the homework assignments will be analyzed during the class. 

Participants do not need to buy books, supplementary materials, or make any photocopies. All the materials will be provided electronically free of charge in a non-downloadable format. To access the homework and the related study materials, each student will be provided a login and a password for the personal account, which could be accessed throughout this course and for three more weeks after the end of this course. Internet access will be needed to complete homework assignments. The number of students in the group is limited to 10 people. More details on course structure are provided below.

Course Outcomes: after completing this course, students will have developed:

 -   necessary skills and techniques to effectively solve math and verbal problems of the GRE test,

 -   analytical thinking and critical reasoning skills to masterly write essays,

 -   skills to identify certain categories of problems and to apply standard techniques to solve them,

 -   practice to see and solve GRE problems on the computer screen, which will substantially reduce the 

     shock and stress factors during the real test,

 -   ability to solve problems under time pressure.

About the Trainer: Arthur Grigorian has a Doctoral degree in Management. He has a long-lasting experience in teaching GRE and GMAT tests and is the “Best Prep Teacher” award winner in years 2011 and 2012 in Northern Greece.

Participation Fee: the fee for this course is 70,000 AMD (including VAT).

A discount will be applied in the amount of 20,000 AMD to all current students and all alumni of the Agribusiness Teaching Center of ICARE, thus making the total fee 50,000 AMD.

All the payments must be made before March 12 at the ICARE office (74 Teryan Street).

Registration: to register for this course, please confirm your willingness by sending an email to ICARE administrative assistant Ms. Aprine Arakelyan at, or calling at 099 129-299 before March 10. For course-related questions, contact Mr. Arthur Grigorian at The group will be filled on the first pay first serve basis.



Lesson 1. March 14

Chapter 1: Number Theory

Lesson 2. March 17

Chapter 2: Statistics & Data Interpretation

Lesson 3. March 21

Chapter 3: Properties of Integers

Introduction to Reading Comprehension

Lesson 4. March 24

Chapter 4: Algebra, Inequalities

Lesson 5. March 28

Chapter 5: Word Problems

Lesson 6. March 31

Chapter 6: Coordinate Geometry

Introduction to Analytical Writing

Lesson 7. April 4

Chapter 7: Geometry

Lesson 8. April 7

Chapter 8: Quantitative Comparison

Lesson 9. April 11

Chapter 9: Combinations & Permutations

Lesson 10. April 14

Chapter 10: Probability

Lesson 11. April 18

Chapter 11: Reading Comprehension

Lesson 12. April 21

Chapter 12: Sentence Equivalence

Chapter 13: Text Completion

Lesson 13. April 25

Chapter 14: Analysis of an Issue

Chapter 15: Analysis of an Argument


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