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Google Programming Competition - Hash Code 2019

Publish Date: Jan 22, 2019

Deadline: Feb 25, 2019

Hash Code 2019

Think you could optimize the layout of a Google Data Center? How about scheduling a fleet of drones to make deliveries around the world? Tackle an engineering problem from Google during Hash Code, our team programming competition. Are you up for the challenge?

What is Hash Code?

Google’s team-based programming competition, Hash Code, allows you to share your skills and connect with other coders as you work together to solve a problem modeled off a real Google engineering challenge! In small teams of two to four, coders all over the world will tackle the first problem through an Online Qualification Round. Though this round is hosted online, teams can come together to compete side-by-side in locally coordinated Hash Code hubs. The top teams from this round are invited to join us at an international Google office for our annual Hash Code Final Round.

How it works

Once you’ve registered for the contest, you’ll gain access to our Judge System. The Judge System is our online platform where you’ll form your team, join a hub, practice, and compete during the rounds. During the Online Qualification Round, you’ll watch our YouTube livestream to be introduced to the problem, and your team will have four hours to solve an optimization problem using the programming language and tools of your choice. Teams can compete from a local hub or another location of their choice. The top teams from the Online Qualification Round will be invited to the Final Round at a Google office, where they’ll work together to solve another challenge and compete for cash prizes.



Each Contest is void in Crimea, North Korea, Quebec, Syria, and where prohibited by law.


You do not need to purchase any Google product or service to enter or win a Contest.

Ineligible Individuals.

  • (A) You cannot participate in a Contest and will be immediately disqualified and forfeit all of your prizes if you are or become:

    • (1) a resident of Crimea, North Korea, Quebec, Syria, or anywhere that a Contest is prohibited by law;

    • (2) restricted by applicable export controls and sanctions programs; or

    • (3) a current employee (including intern), contractor, officer, or director, of Google or its affiliates

  • (B) However, Section 1.3(A)(3) above does not apply if you are a Google Student Innovator and you may participate in a Contest.

  • (C) If you gained information on a problem while working as an employee (including intern), contractor, student innovator, director, officer, or other official office-holder of Google, you will be disqualified from a Contest if you submit a submission for that problem. You may also be disqualified if Google learns you acquired information on a problem from an employee (including intern), contractor, student innovator, director, officer, or other official office-holder of Google.

  • (D) You cannot participate in a Contest if you are under 16 years old. You may participate in a Contest if you are at least 16 years of age at the time you register for such Contest; however, to be eligible to attend the onsite final round of such Contest, you must be at least the Minimum Age at the time you register for such Contest. “Minimum Age” means the older of eighteen (18) years old or the age of majority in your country of residence.

  • (E) Some Contests provide an opportunity to serve as a contest hub organizer (“Hub Organizer”). You cannot be a Hub Organizer if your age is not at least the Minimum Age. All Hub Organizers must be at least the Minimum Age.

  • (F) If you are on a team that participates in a Contest, each member of your team must be at least the Minimum Age.

Requirements to Enter and Receive a Prize.

  • (A) In order to enter a Contest, you must have

    • (1) access to the Internet, and
    • (2) a valid email address.
  • (B) If a Contest offers a prize and if requested by Google, you must provide your name, phone number, a valid mailing address, and any other information Google may need to award or send you a prize. This information will only be used to award and send a prize to you. Google will endeavor to disperse prizes to all eligible prize recipients. You understand that there may be rare circumstances in which Google is unable to disperse a prize due to applicable legal restrictions.

  • (C) If you are a government official, you may only enter a Contest and be a Hub Organizer in your personal capacity. Government officials may be ineligible to receive certain prizes. "Government officials" include any government employee; candidate for public office; and employee of government-owned or government-controlled companies, public international organizations, and political parties. You agree to comply with all applicable commercial and public anti-bribery laws, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and the UK Bribery Act of 2010, which prohibit corrupt offers of anything of value, either directly or indirectly to anyone, including government officials, to obtain or keep business or to secure any other improper commercial advantage.

Verifying Eligibility. 

Google reserves the right to verify your eligibility and to adjudicate on any dispute at any time. You agree to provide Google with any proof of eligibility requested by Google and your refusal or failure to provide such proof within 10 days of Google's request will result in your disqualification from a Contest and forfeiture of any prizes.


All communications between Google and you, including a Contest website and email communications, will be in English.


Money Prizes. 

Money prizes will be awarded in U.S. dollars and may be delivered in the form of cash, check, gift card, or other cash equivalent. You are responsible for any costs associated with currency exchange. Google may work with an authorized third-party to convert money prizes into a local currency. You understand Google has sole discretion to choose which currency exchange rate to apply in order to convert any money prize into a non-U.S. dollar currency.


Google may either ship your non-monetary prizes (e.g., a t-shirt) to you or request that you come to a Google office or a designated location to collect your prize. If Google informed you that it will ship your prize to you and you have not received your prize within six (6) months after the end of a Contest, please email the applicable Contest organizers at the email address specified on the applicable Contest website. Google will not award any prizes if notified beyond six (6) months from the end of a Contest.


You will forfeit your attendance to the final round and/or your prize and an alternative finalist or winner may be selected, if:
  • (A) You fail to provide a phone number during registration or any other information requested by Google within ten (10) days of Google's request;
  • (B) You fail to respond to Google's email notification of your final round eligibility or prize within ten (10) days;
  • (C) You fail to follow directions provided by Google for attending the final round or receiving the prize;
  • (D) Your notification is returned to Google; or
  • (E) You fail to pay applicable taxes or timely submit applicable documentation to Google or the relevant tax authority.
Google will not be liable for unsuccessful efforts to notify a winner. If a winning participant declines the prize, does not respond to a prize notification, fails to claim a prize in the manner specified, is unavailable for prize fulfillment, fails to abide by the Terms of the applicable Contest(s), or is ineligible to receive a prize, Google may select an alternate winner from all remaining participants.

Substitute Prizes. 

Google may provide a substitute prize of equal or greater value at Google's sole discretion, or where required by law, or in the event all or part of a prize becomes unavailable.


You are solely responsible for complying with all applicable tax laws and filing requirements. To remain eligible for a prize, you must submit to Google or the relevant tax authority all documentation requested by Google or required by applicable law within seven (7) days of Google's request or earlier if required by law. You are solely responsible for paying all taxes, duties, and other fees imposed on prizes awarded to you. All prizes will be net of any taxes Google is required by law to withhold.

No Warranties for Prizes. 

Except as required by law, Google makes no warranties, express or implied, for prizes.

Prizes are Non-Transferable. 

Participants may not sell or give away prizes to their customers or other persons.

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