Funding Program - Remembrance of National Socialist Injustice

Publish Date: Oct 06, 2016

Deadline: Oct 15, 2016

About the project

Society only began coming to terms with forced labour under National Socialism late by comparison with other National Socialist crimes, and gaps remain in this work. However, the system of forced labour was an integral component of National Socialist tyranny. It was the economic prerequisite for continuing the war, an instrument of the suppression system and with the “extermination through labour” program it was also part of the genocide against Jews, Sinti and Roma.

The status of research into and exploration of its history still varies widely, regionally and nationally, today. At the same time forced labour as a trans-national experience offers an opportunity for reflection across national frontiers and thus a topos of common cultures of remembrance in Europe.

Objectiv of funding project

  •  To address the history and reception of forced labour under National Socialism across national borders and thus bring about a critical exploration
  •  To understand forced labour under National Socialism as a trans-national phenomenon by comparing national receptions and remembrance patterns
  •  To give the history and reception of forced labour under National Socialism a profile and anchor it as a national and European theme in public awareness

What can be funded?

In this funding program funding will be awarded primarily to bi-national projects with participation of German partners that explore forced labour under National Socialism in exhibitions, documentary films, documentations and other formats and bring it to the attention of a regional, national or international public.
Support will be provided for personnel and non-personnel costs.

Who can be funded?

Educational facilities, museums, memorial sites, archives, civil society initiatives, non-profit organisations, history workshops etc. can submit proposals for projects. Organisations from all countries whose population was affected by forced labour under National Socialism are entitled to submit applications.

Support is not provided for

  •  purely academic research projects
  •  political projects

Criteria and standards

The projects pursue a multi-perspective approach and thus contribute to developing a European understanding of history.

Amount of funding and term

Altogether approx. EUR 275,000 is available for funding projects commencing in 2017. It is expected that about six projects can be funded. The Foundation expects project executing agencies to make appropriate contributions themselves. Projects are encouraged to acquire third party funding.

The term of each project funded can be a maximum of three years.

Applications, deadlines and decision on project support

Applications can be submitted up to October 15th 2016. The projects cannot commence before April 1st 2017.
The Foundation EVZ offers to advise interested applicants, e.g. on the basis of brief idea outlines that can also be submitted by email or by telephone. We look forward to receiving your project ideas. After this a formal application is to be submitted.
The decision on funding for the completed applications will be taken by the Foundation EVZ based on jury recommendations.

Please use the appropriate form for your application. This can be downloaded and completed on the website of the Foundation EVZ. Please read the form carefully as it contains further notes on completeness of applications.

Information, advice and contact details

Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” Martin Bock, Program Manager
Lindenstrasse 20–25
10969 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: + 49 (30) 25 92 97-48
Fax: +49 (30) 25 92 97-11

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