European Master of Science in Photonics, Belgium

Publish Date: Nov 12, 2015

Deadline: Feb 05, 2016

Ghent University (UGent) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) jointly offer an English-taught, two-year (120 ECTS) master of science program in the field of photonics: European Master of Science in Photonics (EMSP)


For students with a BSc. or MSc. in the field of Electrical Engineering/Applied Physics or any related discipline who want to pursue a Master of Science in the field of Photonics.


The aim of this master program is to educate you to become an engineer and scientist with a firm solid knowledge in photonics and the ability to apply theory into design, realisation and management of photonic systems for a broad range of application domains such as telecom and datacom, display and camera industry, solar energy, biotechnology, medical instrumentation, (bio)sensing applications, laser material processing, ...

Course content:

  • Teaches students all the core photonics courses
  • Offers advanced and specialized photonics courses
  • Has a strengthened focus on:
    • Photonics skills (measurement, engineering, research skills)
    • Employability (business economics, industrial internship, entrepreneurship, photonics in industry)
  • Offers the opportunity to broaden knowledge and skills in a secondary engineering discipline, such as ICT, biosciences, physics and chemistry of materials, industrial management etc.
  • Includes a master thesis project in a research lab
  • Has an optional internal mobility component in year 1 and a mandatory external European mobility component in year to, to be realised by choosing one of the four mobility tracks

Deadline for applications:


  • February 5 2016 (deadline to complete online application form - Step 1)
  • March 1 2016 (deadline to submit Application documents - Step 2)
  • April 20 2016 (late applications EU only - Step 1)



Admission requirements

Degree requirements

All applicants need to be in possession of a bachelor degree in Electrical engineering, in (Applied) Physics, Materials Science or an equivalent of this to be directly admitted to the program. Students in their last year of such a programme will however also be considered. Students with a Master degree in these fields can apply as well.

Language requirements

For foreign students, the following shall be accepted as proof:

  • a TOEFL-TEST, taken as recently as within the last two years, showing a score of at least 570 (paper-based) or 87 (internet-based)
  • an original "test report from" (TRF) from IELTS, issued as recently as within the last two years, with a minimum overall band score of 6.0
  • Cambridge-ESOL: First certificate in English (FCE)

Who is exempted from submitting a proof of language proficiency?

  • Have a diploma of secondary education awarded by an (recognised) institution in the Flemish Community
  • Have a diploma of higher education awarded by an (recognised) institution of higher education in the Flemish Community
  • Have successfully completed a minimum of 1 year (60 credits), be it secondary or higher education, where the medium of instruction was English (an official certificate must be submitted)

Application procedure

Students who wish to apply for the European Master of Science in Photonics-program, must follow a specific EMSP-application procedure.


  • EMSP Excellence Grant

The EMSP Program Board awards grants on a competitive basis among all accepted EMSP students. All students who apply for this program are therefore eligible to be awarded a EMSP Excellence Grant (no separate application procedure is required).

Both the Photonics Research Group (Ghent University) and the B-Phot research team (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) finance one or more EMSP Excellence Grants. The candidates who receive the Excellence Grant must commit themselves to do a MSc. thesis at the group who finances the grant.

More info here

  • EMA2-partnership Grants

Students can apply for a scholarship through one of these partnership projects and if awarded, the scholarship can be used to study the European MSc. in Photonics: (EMA2 Project name (+ Targeted countries)


  • Lotus Unlimited (China/Vietnam/Cambodia/Myanmar/Indonesia/Thailand)
  • Basileus IV (Albania/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Montenegro/FYR Macedonia/Kosovo/Serbia)
  • Svagata (India)
  • Namaste (India)
  • Caribu (Cameroon/DR Congo/Ethiopia/Tanzania/Uganda/Kenya/Mozambique/Gambia/Ghana/Cape Verde/Surinam/the Bahamas/Guyana/East-Timor/Samoa)
  • WEBB (Georgia/Azerbaijan/Armenia/Ukraine/Moldavia/Belarus)
  • EUROEAST (Georgia/Azerbaijan/Armenia/Ukraine/Moldavia/Belarus)
  • TECHNO II (Cambodia/Mongolia/Vietnam/Laos/Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand/China)
  • BABEL (Bolivia/Peru/Ecuador/Paraguay/Brazil/Uruguay)
  • MUNDUS LINDO (Bolivia/Peru/Ecuador/Paraguay/Brazil/Chile/Cuba)
  • PEACE (Honduras/El Salvador/Guatemala/Nicaragua/Argentina/Chile/Costa Rica/Panama/Uruguay)
  • EU-SATURN (South Africa)


  • External grant/scholarships/loan opportunities:


  • UGent Master Grants
  • Master Mind Scholarships
  • Belgium Government Scholarships (India)
  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation (India)
  • OFID Scholarship
  • Flemish Fellowship (US)
  • SU (Denmark)
  • Conacyt (Mexico)
  • Senescyt (Ecuador)
  • ColFuturo (Colombia)
  • Becaschile (Chile)
  • Science Without Borders (Brazil)
  • ASEM-DUO (Asia)
  • CSC (China)
  • CONAPE (Costa Rica)
  • REB (Rwanda)
  • Dövlət Proqramı (Azerbaijan)
  • Flemish Postgraduate scholarships (for nationals from: Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Quebec, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, P.R. of China and Switzerland)


The procedure to obtain these grants is completely independant from the MSPE Admission process, so students must follow a separate procedure to obtain these grants/scholarships (next to the MSPE application procedure).

Tuition fee / cost of living

The tuition fee for academic year 2015-2016 is € 890. A certain category of students (from developing countries) pay a reduced tuition fee of € 105 per academic year.

The cost of living amounts between € 450 and € 650 per month (depending on amount of house-rent, foodcost, leisure etc.)


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