European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation Research Award 2017, Austria

Publish Date: May 11, 2017

Deadline: Jun 01, 2017

European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation Research Award

The European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) offers Research Awards to encourage and support innovative basic and/or clinical scientific research in the area of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) across Europe.

One ECCO Pioneer Award may be awarded in 2018.

In order to be eligible:

1. The applicants must submit a new and original research project that has not yet been launched.

2. The project group must consist of

  • at least 3 participating institutions from different countries
  • principal investigators from each institute who are responsible for the implementation of this project on behalf of their participating institutions
  • a project coordinator (this may or may not be one of the principal investigators), who has been identified by the participating institutions for coordinating the overall project.

3. Successful institutions are excluded for the next two application rounds, and thus cannot re-apply for the ECCO Pioneer Award within the following 24 months.

4. All project group applicants (i.e. project coordinator and principal investigators of all participating institutions) need to be ECCO Members at the time of application.

5. The majority of the ECCO Pioneer Award applicants must be from an ECCO Country Member; all applications that include non-European participating institutions must justify the selection of this institution in the letter of intent. The project coordinator, however, must reside in an ECCO Member Country.

6. It is essential to illustrate the overall impact of the project for the IBD community.

7. ECCO Pioneer Awards aim to enhance visionary, collaborative, and interdisciplinary scientific research in IBD centres.

Terms of submission

1. A total amount of EUR 200.000 will be awarded per ECCO Pioneer Award. The ECCO Pioneer Award Prize is intended for research costs incurred, most notably salary support; equipment; research consumables. It is not intended for institutional overheads. If the ECCO Pioneer Award candidates succeed in receiving additional funding for the project, this is likely to be regarded as an “add-on” and not a conflict with ECCO, although ECCO will expect to be informed through the project coordinator.

2. The duration of the Award is 24 months.

3. Each project coordinator and the corresponding lead institution may only submit one proposal by the official submission date.

4. The reviewing process will be carried out in two stages.

  • In the first phase, all applicants must submit a “letter of intent” (max. 5 pages; Font: Verdana; Size: 11) that should contain the following:
    • Project title
    • Project outline and intent
    • Research objectives
    • The connection to and impact on the IBD community
    • The innovative quality
    • Budget (incl. budget split per category and further explanations, e.g. salary, equipment, consumables, travel and meeting costs, other expenses; institutional overheads are not accepted)
    • Endorsement signatures of all participating institutes
  • In the second phase, the highest ranked applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal using the “ECCO Pioneer Award Technical Annex”, not exceeding 12 pages). The proposal should be written in Word format (Font: Verdana; Size: 11, Line spacing: single) and should contain the following headings:
    • Project title o Name and full address of the participating institutions
    • Name, full address, and ECCO Membership ID of the project coordinator
    • Name, full address, and ECCO Membership ID numbers of the principal investigators
    • Summary of the proposal (max. 300 words)
    • Introduction (max. 900 words)
    • Objectives (max. 600 words)
      • Overall aim of the research project
      • Award objectives; achievable within the 24 month timeframe and with the funds and support provided by ECCO
    • Methodology and Working plan  including timeline (max. 1350 words)
    • Chronogram  mandatory milestones and specific deliverables of the project
    • Significance ( pioneering quality) and impact (max. 225 words)
    • Background of the group (max. 900 words)
    • Detailed budget (budget split per category and subdivided to participating institutes; transparent cost calculation)

As well as the following documents:

o CVs of the Pioneer Award applicants (project coordinator and principal investigators)

o Letters of commitment of all participating institutions

o IRB (clinical/experimental) approval of the project

5. The annual deadline for submission for an ECCO Pioneer Award is June 1 (1st round), and September 1 (2nd round).

6. Evaluation of applications is made according to seven criteria (see review process, below) by European IBD specialists. Applications will be discussed by ECCO’s Scientific Committee and applicants will be informed of their application outcome in November.

7. The handover of the Award takes place at the ECCO Congress and successful applicants are expected to be present.

8. Payment of the prize money is contingent upon the Pioneer Award Agreement signed between ECCO and the participating institutions. The prize will be split into one pre-financing payment of EUR 100.000 and one interim payment of EUR 100.000.

9. The project coordinator is asked to write a 500 word synopsis of the project for ECCO News for submission within the first half of the project term.

10.An interim report of the project progress must be submitted to ECCO within 12 months of project start.

11.A final report is due within 24 months of project start, with a possible no-costextension of the deadline by maximum 12 months upon written request.

12. The Awardees are obliged to present the results of the project at the annual Congress of ECCO upon completion of the award objectives.

13. The Awardees are required to inform ECCO’s Scientific Committee of all abstracts and publications of the project.

14. When presenting or publishing results of the project, ECCO shall be acknowledged on all printed matter as contributing to the funding. Please contact the ECCO Office at to request the ECCO logo for slide presentations.

15. ECCO encourages Awardees to offer the paper to JCC for publication.

16.Applications should be sent to the head of ECCO’s Scientific Committee at the following address:


ECCO Office

Att. Chair of SciCom

Ungargasse 6/13

1030 Vienna, Austria

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