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EducationUSA Alumni Talks 2017, 5 May 2017, Yerevan

Publish Date: Apr 12, 2017

EducationUSA Alumni Talks

MAY 5th, 2017
Best Western Congress Hotel (Italy 1 street)
Yerevan, ARMENIA

On May 5, EducationUSA Armenia, in partnership with American Councils Armenia and the U.S. Embassy Yerevan will host alumni of various U.S. higher educational institutions who are currently in Armenia: Peace Corps Volunteers, Fulbrighters, U.S. Embassy representatives and Armenian graduates of U.S. higher education institutions. 

The Alumni-Representatives will share insights on U.S. higher education, application processes and campus life. Following plenary sessions, participants are invited to attend the Fair to chat with Alumni about their American educational experience and shape their path to education in the USA.

Students, parents, high school administrators, college counselors, and others interested in U.S. higher education are welcome to register for the event here. Confirmed participants will receive a ticket to the event by May 5th. 

Below you can find the agenda

11:00-11:25-Opening Remarks, Why is it important to study in the U.S. (Jacqueline Deley)

11:30-11:55-Applying for American Colleges: Types of Colleges and Requirements for International Students (Katherine Scodova)

12:00-12:40-Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (Medical schools) in the USA (Nicholas Huzieff & Nicholas Hutchings)

12:45-13:10-Make a Large College Feel like Home (Jake Goshert)


13:40-14:20-Choosing What to Study and Why. Why I Chose STEM (Kelsey Rowe & Naomi Tice)

14:25-15:15-How Do You Market Yourself to an Admissions Officer? How Much Should You Sell Yourself? (Arina Zohrabian)

15:20-16:00-Once You are in College: What to Expect, Social/Campus Life (Garrett Riou & Nate Ferraro)

16:05-16:45-My Educational Path & My First Plagiarism Battle (Ani Manukyan)

16:50-17:20-U.S. Student Visa Presentation (William “Wes” Stange)

18:00-19:00-EducationUSA Alumni Fair 2017 (All Alumni)

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