Edelvives International Picture Book Award 2016

Publish Date: Sep 16, 2016

Deadline: Nov 20, 2016


As part of its long-standing commitment to selecting and publishing high quality illustrated books, Edelvives Publishing Group presents the Edelvives International Picture Book Award.

Its goal is to encourage authors and illustrators to submit proposals for editorial projects which offer new ideas, allowing Edelvives to continue innovating in the development of its publishing line.

1 - The 6th Edelvives International Picture Book Award is open to all writers and illustrators of legal age of any nationality who submit projects in Spanish, English, French or any of the autonomous community languages of the Spanish State.

2 - Each participant may anonymously enter a maximum of two projects in the competition. These must be original, unpublished and may not be submitted to another publishing house for evaluation at the same time. Projects may not be withdrawn from the competition during the submission period.

3 - The works must adhere to the concept of a picture book: a book in which the story is told through images and text, which complement each other.

4 - The prize will be awarded to the best editorial project for a picture book submitted, not to a finished work.

5 - The prize is endowed with €9000. The amount of the prize will be calculated based on the royalties stipulated in the publishing contracts. The prize money will be paid once the creators submit the finished work for printing. This prize will be divided between the illustrator and author of the text on a 70–30 basis.

6 - Project specifications:

   • The topic of the project is open.

   • The total length must be 32 pages (including half title, credits page and fly leaves).

   • The size is open, but may not be smaller than 18.5 x 21 cm or larger than 30 x 39 cm.

   • The text may not exceed 8000 keystrokes, or characters with spaces.

7 - The project may be sent by post or submitted in person to our offices, in a single envelope, which must contain:

   • a sealed envelope with the personal details of the participant or participants (name, address, telephone number and email address), as well as a brief biographical profile; the title of the work should appear on the outside of the envelope;

   • two paper copies of the following:

      > a document presenting and explaining as well as possible what the project consists of,

      > the complete text of the work,

      > a storyboard,

      > three finished illustrations (copies, not originals) which show the protagonist in different situations,

      > the proposed flyleaf content.

      The mailing or delivery address is:

Edelvives (Premio Álbum Ilustrado)

Xaudaró, 25 - 28034 Madrid (Spain)

8 - The submission period for projects opens when this call for applications is published and closes on 20 December 2016.

9 - The jury will be appointed by Edelvives and will be made up of specialists in different fields of culture and artistic creation.   In awarding the prize, the jury will consider such aspects as: best proposal or original project idea, best text, best illustrations, best scene proposal, best storyboard and best fly leaf proposal.

10 - The jury will open the sealed envelope for the winning project once its decision has been made. The jury's decision is final and the award may be declared void.  Edelvives reserves the right to subsequently open the sealed envelopes of any original ideas it deems of interest for publication.

11 - Notice of the winning project will be published in March 2017.

12 - Granting of the award include editing of the project by Edelvives and its subsequent publication within no more than one year of the decision.

To this end, the publishing house will sign a publishing contract with the winner or winners, subject to the same terms and conditions established for its picture book collection. The publisher reserves global exploitation rights for the work, in all languages, and shall have first right to marketing of the same in digital format.

13 - The Edelvives editing and design teams will work with the winner or winners to edit the work. The creator or creators undertake(s) to work in collaboration with the Edelvives professional teams to complete the project within the aforementioned period and ensure that the editorial policy established by Edelvives is followed.

14 - The winning authors will be required to participate in promotion of the book. The original illustrations may be displayed publicly and all images made for the work may be reproduced for promotional purposes.

15 - Artists should not send original illustrations, only copies, as the publisher will not return any of the materials received.

16 - Edelvives does not agree to maintain any postal or electronic correspondence or telephone communication regarding the non-winning projects, or about the interpretation and application of these rules.

17 - Participation in this competition constitutes agreement to these rules.

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