Dodho Magazine Photography Contest 2016

Publish Date: Oct 24, 2016

Deadline: Dec 31, 2016


We invite you to participate in the selection of the 5 photographers who will be presented at the upcoming print issue of Dodho Magazine. If you believe that your work deserves a wider audience, this is your chance so that your photos are seen and valued by the best in the photography industry worldwide.


The print edition of Dodho Magazine is the only publication with exclusive professional character and genuine spirit of promotion. Our edition is distributed free of charge and exclusively to most professionals and experts of the photography industry worldwide, including the most important galleries, festivals, agencies and publishers.

After the phenomenal acceptance by the industry and an unprecedented success of past editions of Dodho Magazine, this has become a benchmark for selection and discovery of extraordinary photographers with delicious projects and fantastic stories from around the world.

You are in the right place at the right time, we will promote your photographs and your personal brand at the highest level from Barcelona to New York, from Tokyo to Dubai, from Los Angeles to Sydney. Galleries directors, photo editors, book editors, festival directors, curators and agents will have your work in their hands. Your name and your pictures will go around the world in record time.

An international judging panel composed of directors of The Little Black Gallery (UK), Medium Festival of Photography (USA), Red Stamp Art Gallery (Holland), Catherine Edelman Gallery (USA), Head On Photo Festival (Australia) Erdmann Contemporary Gallery ( South Africa), Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards (Malaysia), Opiom Gallery (France), Moscow International Foto Awards (Russia), the Canadian technology entrepreneur and photographer, Lisa Bettany (Canada) and the management team of Dodho Magazine will select the works and photographers to be presented in this new edition. We accept all genres, always and exclusively in the field of photography..


Can present their portfolios and images all professional and amateur photographers from any part of the world.

We look for photographers of all cultures, viewpoints and of all ages, the only requirement is the quality and to be willing to take giant steps in your career. As is our hallmark for years we are open to all kinds of photographic genres, from photojournalism, portraits, landscapes, nudes, experimental, conceptual, mobile photography and any possibility provided by the broad field of photography. You can submit as many works as you want, no limit to the volume of participation. You can apply in the format of Cover or in the format Magazine or in both, it is up to you to decide.


We are looking for the most shocking image as cover page for this edition, the cover is undoubtedly the most direct way your name and job reaches an even wider audience, you can send images in black and white and color in any format, vertical, horizontal and square. To participate in this mode you can choose from 3 different packages.

Cover Pack 1: You can send a single image in jpg format at 72 dpi and 1200px for the longer side

Cover Pack 3: If you have more striking images you may choose this pack, with it you can send 3 images in jpg format at 72 dpi and 1200px for the longer side

Cover Pack 5: If you still have more images worthy of a cover, you can choose this pack with which you can send up to 5 images in jpg format at 72 dpi and 1200px for the longer side


We look for the best works or portfolios to be presented on the inside pages of this edition. Your work will be presented in 20 pages dedicated exclusively to you and your work. To participate in this mode you can choose from 3 different packages.

Magazine Pack 1: You can send a single body of work from 10 to 15 images in jpg format at 72 dpi and 1200px on the longest side.

Magazine Pack 2: If you want to submit more than one portfolio may choose this pack, with it, you can send 2 bodies of work of 10 to 15 images each. (Images must be in jpg format at 72 dpi and 1200 px by the longest side)

Magazine Pack 3: With this pack you can submit up to 3 portfolios of 10 to 15 images each (Images must be in jpg format at 72 dpi and 1200 px by the longest side)

You need to submit your entries online.

For more information click "Further official information" below.

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