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Why Choose Peace Studies?

Aspired to learn techniques of negotiation and mediation, advance in international humanitarian assistance and conflict transformation? Then an academic program on peace studies is the right educational path for you.

Peace building starts, when the conflict comes to its end and the country enters a transition phase. Establishment of peace is a comprehensive process, which includes short term and long term efforts of responding to crisis consequences and rehabilitation, building trust and understanding between various communities, state and population, as well as institutional capacity building, economic and political advancement. The ultimate goal of peace building is introduction of measures aimed at ensuring human security and prevention of violence, as well as other conflicts.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs on Peace Studies

What it takes to build sustainable peace or build the capacities of various stakeholders in transitional states? These are the main issues to be analyzed and studied at graduate programs on peace studies. While undergraduate programs on peace studies will provide students with more general knowledge on international relations and international law, psychology, leadership and conflict resolution, the graduate program will give a more specific and deeper insight to diplomacy, non-violent means of conflict transformation, social adaptation, economics in transition and societal transformation. The PhD program on peace studies is a vivid opportunity to go deeper into research and analysis of reasons and origins of conflict, transformation of society, impact of religion and many other factors.

Degree level programs on peacebuilding are multidisciplinary and include a range of other disciplines, that bring even more interest to the programs: gender, national security, international development, child protection.

What Are the Career Options for Graduates of Peace Studies Programs?

The broader is the concept of peace building, the more options graduates of these programs can expect. The career options vary from negotiators to governmental officers, development aid workers and human rights activists, peace educators and lawyers.

How Can ARMACAD help?

ARMACAD presents a detailed database of diverse academic and professional programs and events, such as conferences, summer schools and workshops, awards and competitions for practitioners of peacebuilding, prospective students, interested in peace studies, as well as representatives of many other academic fields enthusiastic to learn more on strategies of conflict resolution and peace building.