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Thousands of study and academic opportunities in Chinese Studies are available internationally. Conferences and summer schools in Chinese Studies are organized regularly in the best academic centers of the world. The majority of universities and many foundations also offer BA, MA, and Ph.D. programs in Chinese Studies as wells as postdoctoral research grants, awards, and fellowships. Below you will find the updated list of international opportunities available in Chinese Studies.

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The scope of the Chinese Studies discipline

Chinese studies are the core subdivision of Asian studies. It's an essential study area considering the increasing discussions over the emerging power of China in the context of the global economy. Besides, China became an attractive academic and career spot for many, so the discipline that brings students closer to Chinese communities is more in value. That might be one reason why currently students have the opportunity to take Chinese studies programs in many countries outside of Asia. 

An important distinguishing factor for Chinese Studies Programs is that Chinese studies are not just a language program. It's not the linguistic program focused on one language. Chinese Studies dives deeper into teaching the country's language by introducing students to Chinese culture, history, traditions, lifestyle, etc. 

Still, the core part of Chinese Studies is exploring the Chinese language, and if you wish to study in China, the options of language centers include:

In other words, Chinese Studies bring students to the knowledge about China closer to natives. You learn to understand China and acquire behavioral skills in Chinese communities. Therefore, one of the key roles of Chinese programs is to later link students with the country's career or research opportunities. Chinese Studies graduates can also be competitive in diplomacy, foreign relations, or international business spheres, where there is a need to construct negotiations and cooperate with Chinese people. 

Sinology and Chinese Studies

Sinology and Chinese Studies are interchangeable terms. In academic program descriptions, you will mostly meet Chinese studies. However, Sinology is also a popular title for programs focusing on the Chinese language, culture, traditions, etc. A probable breakdown of the term "Sinology" is connected with the "Sin-," which can be one of the variations of the word Qin. The Qin dynasty dominated in China until 206 BC and was also called the Ch'in dynasty. It's the base of the country's current name, China. 

Chinese Studies + Other majors

That's a popular combination for many students, as Chinese studies itself might have not clear career opportunities. In combination with other majors, you can become a specialist with a strong cultural understanding and communication skills. For example, studying Chinese Studies at undergraduate and management on the graduate degrees could make you far more competitive for careers in international companies. 

Many universities offer such opportunities by letting students choose different modules within Chinese Studies. While the first years of studies are the introduction to Mandarin and general Chinese culture, the others are combined with modules such as arts, business, economics, management, etc. 

Also, if you are interested in Chinese studies but want something broader than that, there is a related discipline of Asian Studies. ARMACAD has a section where you can learn about Asian Studies in more detail. 

Chinese Majors

One of the most attractive points in Chinese Studies majors is that students usually participate in one or two-year placement programs in China. The live interaction with the country and spending time within the local community significantly improve the program's effectiveness.

Depending on the program you choose, the breakdown of the course structure will be different. However, the common approach is the following. 

The first year of bachelor studies teaches students modern Chinese, both literal and speaking. In many courses, you can also study translation skills in parallel to that. In this regard, some universities might require you to provide the certification of the Chinese language before enrollment to the program. The following years of studies, along with Master's, focus on the historical past of China, offering courses such as History of Dynastic China. Don't be surprised if you sometimes offer Japanese or other Asian countries' history or culture courses. It might be essential to study China in tight relations with other countries in the continent in some contexts. 

Chinese Studies Research Opportunities

Chinese research programs both in China and outside are connected with discovering its different aspects. The most popular research directions and dissertation topics include Chinese history, literature, linguistics, etc. An additional focus is put on the separate cultural directions, such as Chinese poetry, theatre, dances, cinema, etc., which are the key to understand the country. 

For a better insight into research opportunities in the field, read below some of the popular research topics offered by universities worldwide. 

  • The China Questions: Critical Insights Into a Rising Power
  • Contemporary Chinese Politics
  • Environmental Issues of China
  • A phenomenon of "Made in China" production
  • The Silk Road and Chinese Culture
  • Ancient China
  • Buddhism and Chinese Culture

As in other disciplines, you can choose the suggested topics for research or have the ones you develop yourself. In any case, China is a phenomenon that is and will be largely discussed in the future. So, the more you focus on its future role in the global economy, the more are the chances that the scholarly community will pay attention to your findings. 

To sum up, Chinese Studies is your ticket to careers in China or careers tightly related to it. Specialists who have in-depth cultural understanding will always be more valued than the ones who have purely technical or academic skills. Especially currently, when the majority of businesses deal with Chinese production, the Chinese Studies graduates will be of a high value. We hope this section of ARMACAD will make your path smoother to successful careers in the field.