Study and Research Opportunities in Egypt

Long and short-term academic programs are available in Egypt across many universities and educational centers. International students and researchers may apply to BA, MA, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research programs in Egypt. Moreover, summer schools and conferences are other excellent academic activities that make Egypt an attractive destination for scholars and scientists. Many programs also come with fully-funded scholarships and fellowships as well as travel grants and financial aid, thus every student, researcher, and professor can always find a suitable program in Egypt and apply.

Scholarships and Fellowships in Egypt

Summer Programs in Egypt

Arabic language studies in Egypt

Egypt as an academic destination

Egypt is the country of contrasts. People worldwide travel miles to stand closer to Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx, which allows them to stand closer to one of the magnificent civilizations of the past. In parallel, contemporary Egypt has little in common with its powerful ancestors. The country has high levels of poverty. The UN states that around 20-30% of the population lives below the poverty line. 

However, as an academic destination for international students, Egypt does have many opportunities to receive a quality education. There are branches of international universities in Egypt, which offer international level education at low costs. So, in case of making an educated choice on what university to choose in Egypt, the country can become an excellent combination of quality education and affordability, which catches many international students' attention. 

Universities in Egypt

Egypt has more than 40 universities, which are almost equally divided into publicly funded and privately funded. Most Egyptian society might not speak English, but in the places where international students usually reside and study, there is an above-average knowledge of English. 

In the central cities like Cairo and Alexandria, the vast majority of locals have at least proper conversational English, as it's an essential touristic country, and there is frequent interaction with English-speaking people. Besides, there are many international university branches in the country, the primary language of which is English. So, if you are principal to study in the place where English is a predominant language, you have the options for that, including:

QS ranking lists Egyptian universities both in global rankings and Arab Region universities. Particularly, the five of the best universities in Egypt include:

The foundation for the oldest university in Egypt dates back to 970-972 and is currently located in Cairo. Al-Azhar University is one of the respected educational institutions for Islamic learning. 

Student Expenses in Egypt

Students in Egypt pay around 1,200 to 8,400 $ per academic year for undergraduate studies. Egypt is enormous, and this wide range of tuition fees is because of the difference in tuition fees based on where students choose to study. There is no significant difference in tuition fees for graduate studies. Master's degree programs usually cost around 2,000-8,000$ per academic year. 

If you choose to study in Egypt's most prominent and central cities, it's not necessary to expect high tuition fees for that. For example, studying at Alexandria University can cost you one of Egypt's cheapest options. The lowest fee in the university is starting from 1,200 $ per academic year. However, the university is considered the 3rd important educational institution in the country and is located in the second largest Egyptian city. 

The other universities where the lowest annual tuition comprises less than 2,000 $ include Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology and Horus University. 

Research Opportunities in Egypt

The most popular universities in the country also hold the highest number of research projects that students can participate in. There are both undergraduate and graduate research opportunities and collaboration options with research institutions outside of the university. 

One of the popular research centers in the country includes American Research Center in Egypt. The center is funded by USAID and mainly focuses on exploring Egypt's rich culture and traditions. Any quality research proposal that refers to Egyptian antiquities older than 100 years is of the ARCE's interest. 

The three categories of the research center include Publication subsidies, Training Personal, and Conservation, Excavation, Preservation, and Presentation. 

Based on how long you intend to carry your studies, there might be one-year short grants or three-year long grants. The application period lasts from mid-November to mid-February. Save the application link to utilize the opportunity of funding your research of the oldest and the most mysterious land of Egypt.   

Egypt is a country where you will experience African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean Cultures and experience everyday life utterly different from that of EU countries or the US. With its rich and diversified culture and history, Egypt is considered to be one of the best places to study ancient civilizations, medieval history, and archaeology. If you pursue not only an academic degree but unique memories of the portion of your student's life, Egypt is a good option. We hope this section of ARMACAD will help you construct your academic path in Egypt.