Conf/CfP - International Student Conference 63, 16-28 August 2017, Japan

Publish Date: Apr 04, 2017

Deadline: Apr 25, 2017

Landmarks in ISC's History 

This organization called ISC is the oldest international exchange program in Japan, which was established in 1934.

1934A small group of Japanese university students who were concerned about the deteriorating relations between the United States initiated the first JASC (Japan America Student Conference) in Tokyo. The following year, American students reciprocated by hosting the second JASC. This began the tradition of alternating host countries and holding JASC annually.Although World War II forced the suspension of JASC, it was revived in 1947 by Japanese and American students living in Japan. 

1954After the war, in view of the globalizing world,  International Student Conference (ISC) diverged from JASC in order to gain more diversity by accepting students from multiple countries, not only from US and Japan.. Moreover, International Student Association (I.S.A.) was established in order to run ISC more smoothly.  The first conference was held in 1954, and ISC have been inherited until today.

2016-2017: On August in 2016, it was the 62nd anniversary of ISC. And in 2017, we will step forward.


  • 1. Study Tour: Exploring Japan 
  • 2. Research & Discussion
  • 3. Japanese Culture Experience
  • 4. Tokyo Tour
  • 5. Presentation
  • 6. Free Interaction


  • Application

    • Release of Application Form: By the End of March

    • Submission Deadline: April 25

    • Interviews: April 24-May 14

    • Result Notification: May 15

  • Pre-discussion & Preparation: May-August

  • Main Conference: August 16-28

    • Advanced Study Tour: August 16-19

    • Main Conference in Tokyo: August 20-28  

Basic Information

  • Quota  of Participants

    • Foreign Participants: 30

    • Japanese Participants: 20

    • Committee Members: 18

  • Official Language: English

  • Participation Fee: 30,000 JPY

*Participation fee will cover program, accommodation, food, and transportation expenses during Advanced Study Tour and Main Conference. Flight tickets, SIM cards, or any other things you will personally need will be at your own expense. 

  • Eligibility

    • Undergraduate/Graduate students, or those who belong to a reliable youth group

    • Able to commit to all stages of preparation for the Main Conference with Table members online

    • Available to communicate regularly with a Table Chief until August 

Screening Process

Your application form should include:

  • A personal statement
  • A statement of purpose
  • Answers regarding two of the Table Topics
  • (Optional) Additional information

*An official copy of your certificate of enrollment in English is also required. Final Deadline of the Application Submission: April 25.

  • Online Interviews

You will be contacted for an interview if we decide to proceed with your application.

  • Result Notification

Table Chief/Sub-Table Chief of the topic of your preference will notify you of the outcome by email.  

Participation Procedures

After the notification of acceptance, a staff member of International Public Relations will contact you via Facebook or email and give you detailed instructions for the next procedures.

  • Notes

    • We will send you all the required documents and are pleased to help you with the procedures, but it is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of each participant to complete the whole process of the visa issuance. 

    • If you need a pre-participation invitation and/or a post-participation certificate for an excused absence at your college/university, we are able to send them to you.

Treatment for Personal Information

ISC would utilize personal information collected when the applicants submit their application (including address, name, date of birth etc.), for the screening process, release of screening results, participation procedures, and duties associated with the aforementioned activities. In the course of which, it will ensure that necessary and adequate management of personal information will be achieved, so as to eliminate the possibility of leakages and misappropriation of personal information.  

Contacts & More Information

  • If you have any questions while completing your application, please email the staff of International Public Relations, Yuki Hachiya at

  • As for more information and updates, please look at the page for foreign potential applicants of the official website.

For more information please click "Further Official Information" below.

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