Conf/CfP - Global Challenges and Data-Driven Science, 8-13 October 2017, Russia

Publish Date: Apr 18, 2017

Deadline: Jun 30, 2017

International CODATA 2017 Conference “Global Challenges and Data-Driven Science”
8-13 October 2017
Saint Petersburg, Russia

The 2017 international CODATA Conference, “Global Challenges and Data-Driven Science” will explore the fundamental issues relating to the availability, (re-)use and scientific analysis of data that relate to the most significant contemporary global challenges.

Global science is increasingly data-driven. Major international scientific programmes contribute to a collective endeavour to understand contemporary global processes and phenomena that are of deep relevance to contemporary societies. The unprecedented volume of data generated by the digital revolution of recent decades has led to the emergence of distinctive and powerful means of characterising and understanding the complex systems that are at the heart of many global challenges. These developments raise major questions around data collection, stewardship and analysis; and there are timely lessons to be shared between the academic and commercial sectors.

This major scientific conference aims to explore the intersection between data-driven technological and scientific approaches and specific global challenges. It will explore the nexus between:

  1.  Approaches that permit vast quantities of data to be created, stored, recombined and analysed, with the capacity to integrate data from disparate domains to reveal unanticipated relationships, and with the use of powerful learning algorithms to establish deep relationships in complex systems.
  2. And their application to major global challenges including disaster risk, smart cities and urban development and global environmental change.

Submission procedure

CODATA 2017 Saint Petersburg is running simultaneous proposals for sessions and papers. The deadline for both types of proposal is 30 June 2017.

In principle, all proposals (both for sessions and papers) should correspond to one of the major themes of the conference, listed below. However, if you have an idea for a session that reflects the overarching theme of ‘Global Challenges and Data Driven Science’, but does not precisely correspond to one of the major themes, you may still propose this and make an appropriate case for its inclusion.

Scope of the Conference

Topics to be covered by the conference include:

  1. concrete achievements in data-driven science across all research areas;
  2. data collection, analysis and integration for Earth observations and the study of the Earth’s system;
  3. data collection and analysis for disaster risk research;
  4. data-driven cities and sustainable urban development;
  5. shared data challenges, Big Data Management and analysis in the scientific and commercial sectors;
  6. the fundamental and practical issues of data analysis, event recognition and application;
  7. coordination and development of national and international data services;
  8. the development of research data services in universities and other research organisations;
  9. coordination of data standards and interoperability;
  10. issues around “Intelligently Open” and FAIR data.

To Propose a Session

Please note that the papers that comprise the session must also be submitted by the deadline of 30 June.

When submitting a session you will be asked for the following information:

  • The title.
  • The desired format of the session (e.g. whether it comprises research papers, practice papers, lightning talks etc).
  • To which of the conference themes the proposed session corresponds.
  • The session description (to be submitted via the text editor). The session description should be 300-600 words.
  • The suggested speakers and papers that will comprise the session.

To Submit a Paper

Papers should be proposed either 1) for simultaneously submitted sessions; or, 2) against the major conference themes in order to be grouped into appropriate thematic session by the organizers.

When submitting a paper you will be asked for the following information:

  • The title.
  • Whether the paper is proposed for a simultaneously submitted session or against one of the major conference themes, as noted above.
  • To which of the conference themes the proposed paper corresponds.
  • The abstract of the proposed paper (to be submitted via the text editor). The paper abstract should be 300-600 words.;
  • The title of the session for which the paper is intended, if this is the case.

This conference is co-organized by ICSU-CODATA, the Committee on Data of the International Council of Science and the Geophysical Center of RAS (GC RAS)  and is supported by the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The ISSC is a partner of the conference.

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