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COMING SOON - Festschrift "Studies on Iran and the Caucasus" in Honor of Professor Garnik Asatrian

Iran and the Caucasus

Opportunity Cover Image - COMING SOON - Festschrift

The Festschrift Studies on Iran and the Caucasus in Honor of Professor Garnik Asatrian (edited by Uwe Bläsing, Victoria Arakelova, and Matthias Weinreich, with the assistance of Khachik Gevorgian) will appear soon in Brill Academic Publishers.

The volume compiled on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Garnik Asatrian, an outstanding Armenian Orientalist, contains around 40 articles by prominent scholars from all over the world, including Martin Schwartz, James Russell, Giusto Traina, Uwe Bläsing, Levon Zekiyan, Adriano Rossi, Desmond Durkin-Meirsterernst, Jost Gippert, Wolfgang Schultze, Ela Filippone, Aldo Ferrari, Vladimir Livshits, Herotaki Maeda, Donald Stilo, Antonio Panaino, Johnny Cheung, etc.

The volume includes sections on “History and Texts” (Early Mediaeval and Later Mediaeval periods), Religion and Ethnography, Linguistics, Literature and Folklore, Historico-Political Issues, as well as Select Bibliography of Prof. Garnik Asatrian.

This solid publication, both in terms of its volume (more than 700 pages) and, what is more precious, in terms of authors, each representing a real phenomenon in modern scholarship on Things Oriental, will not only be a deserved tribute to the remarkable  personality, but definitely become a great contribution to various fields of Oriental Studies.    

Festschrift Studies on Iran and the Caucasus in Honor of Professor Garnik Asatrian

Publish Date
June 02, 2015


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