Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Publish Date: Jul 01, 2016

Deadline: Oct 01, 2016

General Information about Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

What do they mean by "Conservation through Competition"?

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, ingeniously titled to avoid any confusion, was the result of two factors: Firstly, a need for a photography competition that was light hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things. After its first year, these objectives seem to have been met. Secondly, and way more importantly, this competition is about conservation.

None of us are perfect, all of us at some point will fly somewhere, drive somewhere, cook something, burn something and probably provide some direct input into the general warming of the globe. Indirectly, we will also have some impact on the animals that share this planet with us. So the end result?

By entering this competition it gives both Paul and Tom and the rest of you talented photographers a chance to do a little bit for conservation. How? Well… you are now obviously going to go to your office, home, pub, club or wherever and talk about the dire need for us all to be conservationists in our own little way. Also, perhaps you will go to Born Free’s website and have a look at the work they do and spread that word as well.

It’s not a lot necessarily, but with your help and the help of Born Free it’s way more than we could possibly have done without them and without you.

We hope that you feel the same way, keep clicking and keep appreciating the other living things that we live with.

 To enter the competition, please enter your details below to register, really quick and easy. We'll send you an email with your own personal link to manage your entry, yup, we are that nice! Keep it safe as you'll need it again, really we mean that.


Category winners

If you win one of the categories, you can say that you are 'Award Winning', I know and if that isn’t enough, you will also receive a brilliant trophy for your category made by men and women with disabilities at the WonderWorkshop in Dar es Salaam. ( 

Overall winner

So now then, onto the Overall Winner – the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Oh yes, it's a massive title and your image(s) will be flying around the world, dazzling millions of people (seriously!).

So what are you set to win as a prize? Well, it’s not one prize but a whole bag of prizes:


You will receive a wonderful hand made metal trophy as the Winner from the Wonder Workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Your prize will be a one week photographer led safari in Kenya with Alex Walker’s Serian (the prize is to be used in one of our Masai Mara based camps in Kenya). All expenses paid, you will be flown out by Kenya Airways with your friend / partner / spouse / etc. Yes it's a safari for two and with two return flights from Europe.

If you want to register and participate on contest, please fill in the online registration (you can find it by clicking on "Further Official Information")

Rules, Terms and Conditions of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

1. We, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Limited of 65 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4RD, are the organizer and promoter of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (‘CWPA’),

2. The winner will be the picture, which, in the opinion of the judges, combines the best technical excellence with the most amusing content and caption. The judges’ decision will be final, and we will not enter into any correspondence concerning the final decision or the way the competition is organised.

3. Anyone can enter this competition as long as the law in their country of residence allows them to do so and neither they nor any member of their immediate families are employed by the sponsors, or us or are professionally involved in any way with the organisation or administration of the competition. By entering the competition, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and to claim the prize. We may require you to provide proof of such eligibility. There are no age restrictions, with the exception of the “Junior Category’ in which the Entrant is required to be under the age of 16 by 1st October 2016, but we will need the written confirmation of a parent or guardian of any child under 18 that we and our sponsors can exercise the rights referred to in these rules, and that the overall prizewinner and accompanying person can take up the main prize.

4. To enter the competition, you must visit our website,, complete the online entry form and upload your entry(ies) before the deadline of midnight, Tanzania Standard Time, (3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time) on 1st October 2016. We do not control the internet, and are not computer geeks, so we can’t take responsibility for any technical problems. It is up to you to ensure your entries reach us on time, no excuses.

5. You can enter up to three images into each category and up to two video clips of no more than 60 seconds into the Video Clip Category, each of the photographs entered must be in JPEG format, under 4MB per image. (If you reach the finals, we will also require high resolution versions and the raw images.) Remember quality over quantity. You are much more likely to win if you enter one or two really funny images than four, sort of, funny images.

6. You must have taken the picture yourself within the last 99 years. Seriously you wouldn’t believe what people try and submit these days. Although there are no restrictions on entering images that have been published before, images that have already won other competitions are not eligible. However, you must be the copyright owner, must have obtained all (if any) permissions needed to take the picture (including, for example, from the owner of the premises where it was taken, or from any person or the owner of anything else featured in it), and must be free to grant us and our sponsors the rights mentioned in paragraph 12 below. I know that sounds complicated, but if you have taken the picture you are more than likely the copyright owner, but not necessarily, so please check and make sure and, if the picture has already been published elsewhere, check and make sure you have not already granted publication rights which conflict with those mentioned below. We will look to you to cover us for any liabilities and costs we incur if anyone brings a claim against us alleging that any of the requirements of this paragraph have not been honoured.

7. Conservation is a crucial part of this competition and very close to all our hearts, which means that, if we get a sense that any animal has been disturbed, harassed, traumatized, or of course hurt or injured in the process of you getting your picture, you will be disqualified, your image removed and banned for life from entering the competition.

8. No Pets, domestic, farm or captive animals please! Sorry, I know your hound is hilarious but this is a wildlife photography competition and that means no domestic animals and no animals that live in zoos or other captive environments.

9. No digital manipulation. You can of course, make basic digital corrections (including tone and contrast, burning, dodging, cropping, sharpening, noise reduction and minor cleaning work) but DO NOT ALTER THE INTEGRITY OF THE IMAGE. If you reach the finals, we will ask for the original image and we have the finest team of digital detectives on the planet to make sure every image is verified. These guys are serious pixel Sherlocks, so pay attention, no cheating!

10. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry which we consider to break any of these terms and conditions, or otherwise to be contrary to the spirit or intention of the competition.

11. In addition to receiving a splendid trophy for the mantelpiece and the kudos of being named as Winner of the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photographer Award, the lucky overall winner will receive a one week photographic safari holiday in Kenya consisting of 6 night safari for 2 people sharing, plus photo guide (Paul Joynson-Hicks …moi), at Serian “The Original” and/or Nkorombo.  Your safari will include full board accommodation at Serian Camps in the Mara, plus full bar, daily laundry, sundowners, guided walks, a night at the tree house (without vacating your tent), game drives, exclusive use of your own vehiclewith guide, and transfers to and from the local airstrip.  With your own vehicle and guide Serian is able to be completely flexible about how you spend your days. You will be met at Nairobi airport and driven to the Maasai Mara and returned to Nairobi. Please note there are some small restrictions and exclusions, I know I know, but don't panic. The exclusions are the park fees of your friend / spouse / family member who accompanies you and also any accommodation in Nairobi you might require due to flight timings. Also the other restriction is this holiday is booked according to the availability of the supplier of the safari, in this case Serian Camps. You will receive two return tickets from Europe to Nairobi courtesy of Kenya Airways, non transferable. The prize does not include non-scheduled activities, gratuities, items of a personal nature and personal medical or travel insurance. The winner will also receive a Nikon D810 body and 24-120mm f/4G ED VR AF-S NIKKOR. Once notified to the travel agent, the travel dates cannot be changed, and you will need to ensure you and the lucky person travelling with you are available to travel and hold valid passports, any necessary visas and travel documents for the holiday on those dates. You will also need to get yourselves to and from the departure airport at your own expense. Please bring any other equipment you want, and enough spending money, and be sure to arrange adequate travel insurance for both of you and all your kit. You will be responsible for any other incidental costs not mentioned above. Please note there is no cash alternative, but we reserve the right to replace any prize with an alternative prize of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond our control make this necessary. We accept no responsibility if you are unable to take up the prize for any reason, which is why your travel insurance is important.

If your image has been successfully passed into the final round, we will send you an email in October 2016 to the email address you provided in the online entry form to inform you of this. We will likewise send an email, or call you on or by the 23rd October 2016 to inform you if you have won a prize. We accept no responsibility if these emails do not reach your inbox on time or at all for any reason.

You agree that, if you are the of the prize winner, we may publish your name, image and town or county of residence when announcing the winners of the competition and for any other reasonable and related promotional purposes. These details will be published on our website in November 2016. The prizewinner will receive their prizes at an awards ceremony in London also in November 2016, which all the Finalists will be invited to attend (at their own expense). You also agree to participate at our expense in any reasonable publicity we may require to promote the competition.

12. As mentioned in paragraph 6 above, you must be the copyright owner of the image(s) you enter. By entering the competition, you agree that we and our sponsors and partners may (but do not have to) reproduce and publish the image(s) at the Awards event, in our annual portfolio book and in any other media (including, but not limited to websites, social media, magazine and newspaper articles, exhibitions, brochures and flyers) in connection with and to promote the competition. If we receive any payments for the use of these images from individuals, websites, newspapers, agencies or any other source, we will split the proceeds of the payment 45%/45% between the Photographer and CWPA, the balance 10% we are donating to the Born Free Foundation. We will assert your moral right to be identified as the photographer and will credit you wherever possible but we cannot be held liable if, in error, credit is not given. If there are occasions when your images are requested for other purposes, not related to the competition, then the photographer will be contacted directly and permission and agreement obtained. If we want to use your images for merchandising, posters, postcards and other materials then again, we will have to contact the photographer for your permission and agreement. You retain full copyright of your images. By entering the competition, you agree that any personal information provided by you with the competition entry may be held and used by us and our agents and suppliers as specified in these rules, and generally to administer the competition. We will not use it for anything else unless you have consented to our doing so by ticking the relevant box on the online entry form.

13. Insofar as is permitted by law we, our agents and distributors exclude all responsibility or liability in any circumstances to compensate the winner or any other person for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the prize, except where this is caused by the negligence of ourselves or of our agents or distributors. Your statutory rights are not affected.

14. This is an international competition but we have to be governed by someone’s laws, so we have chosen to have the CWPA governed by the laws of England. Any disputes which may but of course, hopefully will not arise will be sorted out by the courts of England.

15. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel, or amend the competition for any reason, but why would we do this unless it becomes absolutely necessary?

16. You must think Bohemian Rhapsody one of the greatest pieces of popular music ever written, just kidding.

17. You must absolutely and unequivocally and with great haste rush and like us on Facebook. ha, ok again, just kidding.

18. You must absolutely follow Paul @pj_hicks on Instagram (Seriously, do we really have to write that? But some of his pics are really inspirational). Alternatively follow @SullamPhoto, who we all know is possibly maybe really quite good.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have actually read the whole Terms and Conditions! Well done indeed! First time?

For more detailed information please click on "Further Official Information" below.

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