Change of Scene – International Artistic Cooperations for the Performing Arts Program 2017, Germany

Publish Date: Jan 31, 2017

Deadline: Feb 15, 2017

Call for Proposals

Change of Scene – International artistic cooperations for the Performing Arts. Applications now being accepted!

We are looking for cooperation projects that address prevailing social themes and change and manifest them in a joint artistic response. Change of Scene helps to initiate and develop international artistic projects that are the result of direct collaboration between the cooperating partners. For up to two years, artists will gain the time and space to meet each other as well as have opportunity for intensive exchange. Existing contacts can be deepened further or built up afresh.

This Call for Proposals is directed at civic and state theaters as well as independent companies from the German-speaking realm (Germany, Austria or Switzerland) who wish to develop a new artistic project with a partner from North Africa or Eastern Europe. Change of Scene is open to all sectors of the performing arts. There should be one public presentation of the sponsored projects in both countries, or, at least, in the German-speaking partner country.

The jury chooses about 10 cooperation projects, each to receive a subsidy of up to 15.000 Euros. The jury consists of: Jörg Bochow (Head Dramaturge, Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg), Anja Dirks (Artistic Director of the Belluard Festival, Fribourg), Stefan Schwarz (Program Director, tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf), Branko Šimić (Director, Hamburg) and Bettina Sluzalek (Artistic Associate, Radialsystem V, Berlin).

Applications can be submitted until 15 February 2017 online in German and English. Partners from North African or Eastern European countries should submit their application together with a partner from the German-speaking realm.

Funding Guidelines

The program supports the development of co-operation projects, which, together, from their concept to implementation, take place in the crossing of borders in both countries.

The projects should promise an intensive cultural exchange and be geared towards a comprehensive collaboration. A thematic as well as practical confrontation with the partner country must be visible in the artistic work. The funded projects should develop new realms of experience and reflect other living environments. Finally, the funded works must be presented in public in the German-speaking region, and a presentation in the partner country is equally desirable.

Up to ten projects from all areas of the performing arts can be supported with up to 15,000 euros of funding annually. The cooperation projects can be realized in a timeframe of up to two years.

What is funded?

In the framework of Change of Scene, the funding recognizes costs related to meetings, exchanges and collaborations, as well as the fees for translations and interpreters, the development of productions and projects, rehearsals, traveling costs and accommodations for mutual visits.

Change of Scene not only promotes partnerships based on existing contacts, but also those being newly developed. If a project or production idea is submitted without the application naming a specific project partner, this can be made concrete following an initial phase. This initial phase allows for traveling and discussions meant to allow potential partners to get to know one another in order to develop a project together. Should the project be realized, the cooperation partner must be verified in a written agreement within six months. In addition, a more concrete version of the concept, of the costs and financial plan, and current schedule to be followed at the International Theater Institute must be submitted. The requested funding for the initial phase are part of the overall costs and may not exceed 3,000 euros. The payment of the grants for the project occurs after submitting the necessary documents. In the event of their incompletion, the project is offered no further funding.

What cannot be funded?

  • Direct production-related costs such as sets, technical equipment, renting performance locations
  • New recordings or reworkings of existing successful productions
  • Funding is excluded when the project has already begun before its approval, meaning when expenses have already been incurred or contracts finalized.
  • Projects by single individuals are not funded. They are, however, encouraged to submit a grant application together with established, organizational mergers.

Who is eligible for funding?

To be eligible for funding, the theaters or independent groups from the areas of dance, music theater, puppet theater, and performance must be located in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. This should be verified by a valid legal form submitted with the grant application.

Partners from Eastern European or North African countries may not submit an application. The principal applicant must be an institution or independent group from the German-speaking region (see above), which represents all the organizational and administrative concerns of the project with respect to dealings with the promoters.

In a cooperation agreement, both partners are obliged to respect the specific conditions of the collaboration, equally so the basis of the financing, and provide information about the use of the subsidies.

2. Filing Applications

Applications can be submitted exclusively online and must be received on time. The online form is to be completed by

  • an extensive concept in which the common artistic goals and the project are comprehensibly described and information about the team’s structure and about the formation of the team
  • a convincing costs and financing plan
  • a schedule (maximum of 1 page)
  • the proof of the legal form
  • a written document stating the commitment of the cooperation partner (Letter of Intent)
  • CVs of the artistic direction
  • proof of a performance venue

In the case of a project funding with an initial phase, the written consent of the cooperation partner, together with the most recent costs and financing plan, can be submitted up to six moths after the project’s approval.

3. Submission Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications is annually, February 15. A decision can only occur when your application is received on time. An independent jury decides on the funding of the projects until the middle of April. No entitlement to funding exists.

4. Public Relations and Documentation

All publications (print media, documentations, Internet) connected with the funded projects refer to the funding in the framework of Change of Scene.

Information on the funded projects and their progress will be posted on the website. The projects are required to keep the International Theatre Institute informed of their progress and possible alterations. In addition, we ask that a consent form be signed regarding the use of images and other materials.

Prior to the public presentation of the projects, the International Theatre Institute is to be informed and invited.

Change of Scene is a funding program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in collaboration with the International Theatre Institute. The International Theatre Institute coordinates the application proceedings, cares for the funded projects, advises applicants, and organizes a Change of Scene symposium to promote content-related and artistic exchange.

These funding principles apply since November 21, 2012. They are subject to change without prior notice.

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