Photo Competition 2016 - Ye are The Children of Light

Publish Date: Oct 24, 2016

Deadline: Oct 31, 2016

Contest Rules

The 2016 Speros Non Profit Art and Photography Competition's theme is "Ye Are the Children of Light.” Using painting and photography, we seek submissions by both professional and amateur artists that communicate their idea of how they celebrate Children.

Speros Non Profit retains the right to reject submissions that do not fit the guidelines or spirit of the Competition.
Deadline for Entry - October 31, 2016, 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time

Winning entrants will be notified by email. You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon your submission and payment. Exhibition of the Top 50 Finalists and winners will be December 9-10, 2016. Location will be announced 6 weeks prior to exhibition.

Rules for Entry:

  • Competition is open to everyone, both professional and amateur artists.
  • Artist may submit up to 2 paintings and 2 photographs.
  • Each submission must include name of creator and title.
  • Each entry must include a brief description of the image.
  • Speros Non Profit Corporation shall have the right to display accepted work and reproduce accepted work for educational and promotional purposes in both printed and electronic form.
  • Speros Non Profit Corporation has the sole right to refuse any submission that is deemed inappropriate.
  • Each artist warrants that he or she has obtained all necessary releases from models and other subjects features in the works of art and any additional releases required with respect to names, trademarks, designs or works of art depicted in the submitted work of art and that the creation, display or distribution of the work of art will not violate any law.
  • Each artist warrants that he or she alone created the submitted work of art or if there are collaborators, they are named.
  • Submissions of an entry to this competition implies acceptance of all above stated conditions.
  • Entries must be original works of art and not copies, derivatives or based in anyway on other copyrighted or published works of art.
  • Must be 17 years old to enter.


Judging will be conducted by professional artists and other competent individuals in the professions and academics. The Competition gives artists the unique platform to express their vision of celebrating children. It is up to the artist to choose an image that in their minds is iconic of celebrating children based on their personal experiences, upbringing and beliefs.

The competition will be judged for creative, thought-provoking significance as well as artistic and creative merit.

Submission  Guidelines:

Please follow our guidelines carefully. This will insure prompt consideration of your artwork and will allow us to showcase it in the highest quality possible.

We reserve the right to reject any submission that does not follow the technical specification guidelines as defined below.

  1. Official Entry - If you think you have an innovative, creative image and want to support Operation Underground Railroad's efforts to stop child trafficking and to receive recognition in the Speros Non Profit Art Competition you may enter the competition for $30.00 per entry. You may enter each category twice with a possible total of 4 entries (2 paintings and 2 photographs).  All entry fees will go directly to supporting Operation Underground Railroad.
  2. Whether you are a professional or amateur, you’ll be part of the digital Speros Non Profit exhibit that will be displayed on the Speros Non Profit Website and shared through the Speros Non Profit Twitter account. 
  3. The images entered into the competition will be judged by an esteemed panel of artists and other professionals. 

Technical Specification Guidelines 
  • Number of images submitted per entry: 1 
  • File format: JPEG 
  • Color profile: sRGB
  • Please submit no more than 1 image at a time.
  • Each image file name should be exactly how you want the title to appear on the site plus the addition of your initials for identification. The title should be all lower-case characters with underscores separating each word (title_intitals.jpg). Example: my_american_icon_abc.jpg
  • No images larger than 2 megabytes.
  • For images taken with a mobile device, please follow the guidelines listed below:
    • Mobile device image above 8 mp send ‘small’
    • Mobile device image below 8 mp send ‘medium'

Cash Awards:

The top three winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes as follows:

  • 1st Place: $500
  • 2nd Place: $250
  • 3rd Place: $100


In addition to the top three winners, entries will be selected to be featured in the Speros Non Profit Exhibition. If your artwork is chosen to be displayed in the Speros Non Profit Exhibition you will be notified by email. Instructions of getting the art piece delivered to Speros Non Profit will be provided. Instructions on receiving your art piece back after the exhibition will also be provided.

For more information click "Further official information" below.

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