ARIAH Digital Development Award for Art History Publishing 2017

Publish Date: May 16, 2017

Deadline: Sep 01, 2017

Association of Research Institutes in Art History

ARIAH is offering a new award that contributes funding to the development of digital publications. This award is aimed at scholars seeking to take advantage of new possibilities offered by digital publishing platforms for presenting art historical research. It is also aimed at online publishers (broadly defined to include different kinds of online platforms that disseminate research, such as online journals, digital project spaces, and discrete parts of museum websites dedicated to scholarly content). The award is intended to help scholars move into the digital realm; to encourage innovative ideas in how digital publishing can support new modes and methods for disseminating art historical research; and to assist collaboration between authors and online publishers to enhance the digital presentation of research, which, it is hoped, will serve as future models for others and find broader applications in the field.

Scope of the Award

Applications are invited for projects up to the sum of $10,000. However, projects requiring smaller sums of funding of $5,000 or less are strongly encouraged. The award is intended as a subvention to assist with the development of digital tools, the creation of digital media, or enhancement of digital platforms that form a necessary part of a single discrete art historical essay, article, or project. The digital platform must already be in existence (i.e., the award is not for developing entirely new platforms or journals). The award will be offered on a two-year cycle.


Application Process

  • A letter of intent and a completed application form must reach the committee by June 1st, 2017. The committee will select the most promising projects and invite full applications to be submitted by September 1st, 2017.
  • The Letter of Intent must demonstrate that an online publisher has been identified and has agreed to support and publish the research. The Letter of Intent must be written either jointly by the scholar/s and the online publisher, or by the scholar with a supporting letter of the editor or equivalent from the online publisher.
  • The funds will be awarded to the online publisher, not the author, with the expectation that the former will be responsible for managing and disbursing the funds for the development of technical components on their site. However, applicants can apply for exceptions, and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • The scholarly research should already be at an advanced level - i.e. the project should be thought through to the extent that both the author and online publisher have a well-developed sense of the digital tools and presentation that is required.
  • Online publications affiliated with ARIAH member institutions are eligible to apply. Individual ARIAH members are not eligible to apply.

Eligible costs include

  • Specialist staff costs, such as hiring a technical expert (e.g. a journal may need to hire an outside technical developer, or may need to increase hours for in-house developers, in order to implement/develop new tools)
  • The creation of filmed, animated, interactive content
  • Building and developing digital tools, such as zoom technologies; mapping tools, etc
  • Digitizing of content (e.g. archival documents) if this is shown to be directly relevant and required by the scholarly project. The Award does not subsidize independent digitization projects.

Contact details: submit any queries and completed applications to

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