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Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship 2018

Sponsorship for research stays worldwide by researchers from Germany of all disciplines and at all career stages. Applicants choose an academic host from some 15,000 academics in the Humboldt Network abroad.

Every year, the Humboldt Foundation sponsors up to 125 German researchers of all disciplines who wish to conduct a research project abroad by granting Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships.

It is a formula that promotes academic contacts that often endure well beyond the research stay and which former fellows consider to be particularly valuable.

Applicants draw up their own plan of research and agree it with the academic host they have chosen from the global network of Humboldtians. On request, the Foundation is glad to help in the search for a suitable host.

The opportunities offered by the Lynen Fellowships are tailored to the career stage the individual researchers have reached: a fellowship lasting from six months to two years provides post-doctoral researchers with the security they need to plan their research projects. Experienced junior researchers, on the other hand, who are already on track to become professors can opt to spend between six and 18 months at the host institute abroad, divided up into as many as three visits during a three-year period, according to their individual needs.

Scientists and scholars interested in spending time researching abroad can discover how much sponsorship they would actually receive even before they apply to the Humboldt Foundation.

Postdoctoral researchers are recommended to apply for a fellowship during the final phase of their doctoral studies. Decisions on the applications take from four to six months.

Additional fellowships are available for research stays in Japan and Taiwan through the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the National Science Council, Taiwan.


  • for post-doctoral researchers (up to four years after completing a doctorate):
    6 to 24 months
  • For experienced researchers (up to 12 years after completing a doctorate):
    6 to 18 months, divisible into a maximum of three visits over three years

Sponsorship amount

The fellowship amount varies according to target country and personal circumstances: a fellow heading for the USA, for example, currently receives €3,305 per month, or up to €5,320 if accompanied by a marital partner and two children. Travel expenses are paid in addition. Moreover, it is possible to apply for a return fellowship to Germany lasting up to 12 months.

Alumni sponsorship

After fellowship and throughout entire academic career participant will be able to benefit from Humboldt Foundation sponsorship. Participant can apply for funding for further research collaborations with international partners and join a network of more than 28,000 Humboldtians across the globe.

Application requirements

  • above average academic history and academic record
  • host's confirmation of research facilities

Experienced researchers also require:

  • their own academic profile
  • professional experience at least at the level of assistant professor or junior research group leader or several years‘ independent scientific employment

Academic host abroad

Academic host must be a member of the Humboldt Network abroad or have been granted a specified international academic award and be employed abroad.


At any time. A Humboldt Foundation selection committee meets in February, June, and October to decide on applications. Every year, approx. 90 fellowships are granted. In the last few years, the success rate was roughly 40 percent. 

Financial involvement of host abroad

It is assumed that the host will contribute to financing the fellowship, providing approx. one-third of the fellowship amount. Hosts in developing and transition countries, as well as certain other countries, will not be expected to contribute. Waiver agreements may be made with hosts in countries that have demonstrable difficulties in raising the sum.

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