CfP: Places, people, stories – 28-30 Sept 2011, Kalmar, Sweden

Publish Date: May 09, 2011

Deadline: Apr 11, 2011

Event Dates: from Sep 28, 2011 12:00 to Sep 30, 2011 12:00

Places, people, stories

An interdisciplinary & international conference

Brofästet Conference Centre

Linnaeus University, Campus Kalmar, Sweden!CFP%20People%20Places%20Stories.pdf

This conference investigates the relations between people and places, focusing on the role of stories in constructing meaning and affecting human emotions. Both rural and urban landscapes contain numerous locations that become meaningful places through their association with stories. These stories may be told orally by narrators or by material design; they may be permanent or temporary. The stories may be linked, for example, to the vegetation, the geology, the wild life, the cultural heritage, the mundane built environment, or metaphysical creatures. Whether such stories are historically accurate, purposefully invented or created entirely in residents’ or visitors’ minds is however less important than their potential to touch human beings.

Main aims of the conference
  1. to explore the relations between people, places, and stories in the context of notable trends in the Experience Society such as the role of affect, emotion, and sensual stimulation.
  2. to investigate how the visual and performative arts can complement academic research by generating both new questions and new kinds of responses to topics at the interface between places, people, and stories.

Although the conference is open for all contributions that fall within the realm of our topic, we wish to investigate the following questions in particular:

  • What are the roles of stories in understanding place in our society? To what extent are these stories place-specific or audience-specific rather than generic? Are there places without stories?
  • What are the aims and purposes of different kinds of stories about the place? Which places and stories exert power over people? Which empowers people? How are intersecting values and stakeholder interests contested in stories about the place?
  • What are the relationships between material and immaterial contexts of stories about places? How do both dimensions affect embodied human beings emotionally and intellectually?
  • What is the significance of the tensions between enduring and ephemeral phenomena in stories about places? How do changes over time affect places, stories, and the human audiences appreciating them?
  • Which stories are being told by the way a place is delimited from its surroundings? How significant is an opportunity to enter a place, whether in VR or RW?

You are still welcome to contribute to some of the conference’s 18 sessions.

Final deadline for paper abstracts to be received for consideration by session organizers: 11 April.

Conference homepage with further information about sessions and practicalities:

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