Atlantic Project Awards 2021

Publish Date: Jul 11, 2021

Deadline: Sep 07, 2021


Stakeholders of the Atlantic Community are invited to apply or nominate a project for the Atlantic Project Awards 2021.

The Atlantic Project Awards feature outstanding initiatives, successful collaborations and achievements relevant to the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0. These projects have taken place within the EU Atlantic over the past year and showcase best practices and partnership models that could be scaled up at the regional, national, European and international level.

The Awards are organised by the Atlantic Strategy Committee, supported by the Atlantic Assistance Mechanism.

This year’s Awards shall be unveiled at the 8th Atlantic Stakeholders Platform Conference, a hybrid event that will be held on 21 October 2021 in Dublin, Ireland and online. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Six categories will be featured at this year’s Atlantic Project Awards:

  • Atlantic Ports: Projects, initiatives and actions that feature ports as gateways for the Atlantic and/or as catalysts for business.
  • Blue Skills and Ocean Literacy:  Projects, initiatives and actions that boost blue skills and blue jobs, featuring quality education, training and lifelong learning; and that promote ocean literacy
  • Marine Renewable Energy:  Projects, initiatives and actions that promote carbon neutrality through marine renewable energy
  • Healthy Oceans and Coasts:  Projects, initiatives and actions for stronger coastal resilience and which reinforce the fight against marine pollution
  • International Cooperation in the Atlantic Area:  Projects, initiatives and actions that reflect an international dimension as embodied in the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation with United States of America and Canada and its potential support to the Blue Economy; in the Atlantic research cooperation with Brazil and South Africa; in the cooperation with adjacent sea macro-regions/basins (Baltic, Mediterranean, Black Sea), etc.
  • The Atlantic Investor Award:  For the first time ever, a new award category shall recognise Atlantic investors that have a) set up blue impact funds or b) portfolios that substantially contribute to the development of a sustainable blue economy or implement the EU Green Deal for the Blue Economy. This award can showcase a public/private partnership that has:
  • Demonstrated or initiated a co-financing model that can create new or viable market paths for innovative and sustainable solutions for the Blue Economy
  • Demonstrated or initiated a public-private financing mechanism for activities with a cross-cutting dimension across the pillars of the Atlantic Action Plan

Who is eligible for the Awards?

Applications may be submitted by any individual, organisation, business, group, network, consortium or institution that:

  1. Is headquartered, domiciled or present in an EU Atlantic Member State – France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. EU Atlantic members of existing international consortia are eligible to apply.
  2. Has a funded project or initiative that is in progress or completed. A funded project is a group of tasks, actions, activities carried out by a consortium or a grouping within the framework of a larger and longer collaboration. Any type of funded project (at local, regional, national, or European level from public and/or private sources) that has been delivered or is being delivered inside the Atlantic Strategy geographical area is eligible to apply.
  3. Any project initiated within 36 months prior to the announcement of this Call is eligible to apply.

What will the Award Winners receive?

Winners of the five categories (four pillars plus International Cooperation) will receive:

  • A coaching package from the Assistance Mechanism to support them on their next growth phase.
  • A trophy and certificate
  • An Atlantic Project Award Seal

The Atlantic Investor 2021 Winner will receive:

  • A trophy and certificate
  • The Atlantic Investor 2021 Seal

The seal may be used by the Winners in their communications and marketing material.

The awards will be publicised on through the Atlantic Community’s web-based communication channels (Atlantic Strategy website, electronic publications and social media) and by general media coverage.

Projects that have been nominated for the Awards will also be promoted at the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference. Further details on this will follow.

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