Call for IMAGO International Artist Residency 2021, Bulgaria

Publish Date: Jun 06, 2021

Deadline: Jun 13, 2021

September 2021 Open Call for IMAGO International Artist Residency, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, The Balkans – Located in a Peaceful Village Next to Europe’s 2019 Cultural Capital – Plovdiv

Located in “The Village of Peace”, Tsarimir, right next to the cultural capital of Europe for 2019 – the city of Plovdiv – IMAGO International Artist Residency is a liberating space for visual artists and creatives seeking simple and comfortable working environment for their projects development. It is also a source for artistic growth and inspiration, stemming from the unusual local culture, the inherent natural freedom of the place, the fascinating sights and experiences within the residency as well as the professional curatorial support offered by its founders…

We address artists predominantly in the field of the visual arts with a stress on contemporary art (painting, photography, light sculpture, installations, textile, video art, performance, contemporary dance). The residency is also the right place for creatives looking for solitude while doing their artistic research as well as for musicians, curators, film and new media enthusiasts and professionals. Our mission is to create a setting where your artistic potential blossoms!

Duration of residency

The standard residency duration is 1 month. This season the available months are June, July, August and September.


We accommodate a maximum of three to four artists at the same time. In some cases we might have 4 people if there’s an artistic duo.

  • Overall residency area of 2200m2 green area.
  • Two independent studios: the big one is 40m2, the smaller one is 25m2 with an option to use its roof as a high view-point open air studio.
  • Two independent houses – artists house and staff house
  • Three separate fully furnished bedrooms (13-15m2) with wifi connection in the artists house.
  • Shared living room, kitchen and bathroom, laundry machine.
  • Second set of kitchen and bathroom fully available for the artists at the staff’s house.
  • Amazing collections of music (more than 1000 vinyl records), art (extensive digital collection) and movies (diverse digital collection) available for the residents any time of the day.
  • Beautiful front yard and big back yard
  • Great socializing areas.
  • Home cinema.

At the residency we provide you with diverse selection of working tools, musical instruments and leisure equipment which includes:​​


  • ​Two sewing machines.
  • Two guitars (electrical and acoustic), an amplifier, semi-professional synthesizer, tarambuka, harmonicas.
  • Easels, different pliers, screw-drivers (including electrical), electrical saws, hammers, electrical sandpapers, drilling machines suitable for wood and metal, paint job tools.
  • Inflatable pool suitable for the hottest months (usually between June and the first half of September).
  • Imprpovised outdoors fire place.
  • Air guns and a small cross-bow.
  • Vinyl records player.
  • Two bikes.

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