Artist-In-Residence Program 2022-2023, Kinosaki International Arts Center, Japan

Publish Date: May 03, 2021

Deadline: Jun 20, 2021

Kinosaki International Arts Center is now taking applications for the Artist-In-Residence Program 2022-2023.

Applications are now open for the 2022-2023 Artist-In-Residence program at Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC), a creative residence facility centered on performing arts.
In April 2021, KIAC’s 8th year of operation, Reiko Shiga, a performing arts producer and care worker, was appointed as the new director, and Satoko Ichihara, a playwright, director, novelist and leader of the theater company Q, was appointed as the new artistic director.
The “Artist-in-Residence Program” has also established two new criteria, “Response to Society” and “Critical Creativity”, and will actively adopt and support artists and projects that critically examine the relationship between arts and the society in which we live. We are looking forward to receiving applications for projects that have the potential to present unprecedented value to society through collaboration with us.
Please take a look at the application guidelines below and give it your consideration.

Application details

■Intended program period1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023
*The period of about one month from late August to late September 2022 is excluded.
■Eligible projects
The following two points are necessary application requirements:・The project should be focused on contemporary performing arts.
In addition to artistic activities and research, it is possible for art-related personalities to hold events such as lectures and symposiums.
・The residency should be realizable (artists must provide results of past activities, production and budget plans, schedules and any other document that can certify the project can be appropriately managed and carried out effectively.
*The selection process does not depend on whether or not there is a plan to present or perform the results of the residency or the project after the residency.
Residency for research and work-in-progress is also acceptable.
*Invalid projects:
・Projects that do not have a creative purpose (with the exception of lectures and symposiums).
・Projects organized by community centers, student clubs, or associations (For these cases, the hall and the studios can be rented for a fee).
・Projects which main goal is to raise donations for charity organizations.
・Projects that are aimed to be shared to a strictly restricted audience such as a specific group or organization.
・Already-existing projects that were purchased beforehand.
■SupportKinosaki International Arts Center will support the artists with providing space for creation and accommodation as follows:
1.) Free use of Kinosaki International Arts Center hall and studios.
2.) Free use of the residence that can welcome up to 22 guests.
*As a general rule, fees related to the cost of advertising and promotion, personnel expenses for all the staff involved in the production, transportation to Kinosaki, etc. must be covered by the applicant.
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