Online Summer School - Mobility and Active Ageing, 1 May - 31 July 2021, McTivAgeing

Publish Date: Mar 15, 2021

Deadline: Apr 15, 2021

Event Dates: from May 01, 2021 12:00 to Jul 31, 2021 12:00


Mobility and Active Ageing

McTivAgeing 3rd Edition 2021
Online course

EIT Health

The Summer School in Mobility and Active Ageing aims to train professionals to design, develop, and implement support, or health and functional independence promotion solutions for persons with reduced mobility or at risk of mobility reduction, when carrying out their daily activities.

The Course Structure

The curriculum is designed to provide the learners with skills viewing the promotion of Mobility and Active Ageing, considering different conditions related with health, disability, and ageing, through solutions based on policies, services, or products.

The online course is organized in 8 modules (70 hours), divided into theoretical sessions (with tutorial) and practical sessions/challenges (with mentoring and team work 3 times/week, during the last 8 weeks).
The online course will include also, synchronous sessions (once a week), with the participation of experts in the different scientific and business areas.

The course aims to train learners from different professional fields:

  • - to screen for frailty, falls and mobility limitations in older adults and other adults with clinical conditions and to select the best strategies/interventions to prevent Mobility and Active Ageing.
  • - to empower learners by preparing them with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to participate in research-related decision making and to contribute with solutions to social challenges.

Skills to be Gained

  • To know the main conditions and risk factors associated with mobility loss (Ageing, Health, Disability and Mobility).
  • To know how to help people to develop or learn again the necessary abilities to keep their lifestyles, and to be able to have safe and independent mobility, both in the home and community contexts (Orientation and Mobility).
  • To assess the mobility degree and the risk of falls, by using different approaches, viewing the identification of mobility problems and how to help people to move more efficiently (Mobility, Gait, and falls Evaluation).
  • To identify relevant needs and real problems related with accessibility and mobility in specific physical environments (home, urban/rural; services) (Accessibility and Physical Environment).
  • To design exercise/physical activity specific solutions adapted to the functional capacity of the individual, and to develop/implement strategies to encourage different population groups to be active (Exercise, Fitness, Body Composition and Mobility).
  • To know solutions to assist mobility, and to design specific solutions adapted to the functional capacity of the individual (Solutions to Prevent or to Assist Mobility).
  • To plan and develop mobility and active ageing programs, based on health and social policies, in prospective collaborations, and in the analysis of the needs and resources available (Human Services and Policy of Health, Mobility and Ageing).
  • To strategically manage business processes likely to generate solutions required by the market (creation of competitive advantage), and to promote multidisciplinary initiatives and teams (Entrepreneurship).

Tuition Fee


Application fee

No fee will be charged during the application stage. The application fee will be charged after the selection process for those who are selected and agree to participate in the course.

The fee includes the online course, the certificate and the e-book in Mobility and Active Ageing (course contents).


The Summer School awards a certificate to students who successfully complete online course provided they do not exceed the maximum number of absences.

The complete course will correspond to 6 ECTS.

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