Royal Historical Societ Early Career Fellowship Grant Scheme 2021, UK


March 29, 2021


RHS Early Career Fellowship Grant Scheme

The RHS has launched (December 2020) a new RHS Early Career Fellowship Grant scheme. The aim is to provide larger grants than available from our other schemes of up to £2000 for up to six months.

Like the Hardship Fund launched earlier in 2020, this new scheme is a response to COVID-19 pressures, and will likewise be regularly reviewed as the situation changes.

Please note that the RHS’s usual funding schemes for Research Expenses, Conference Travel and Conference Organisation are still running, and applicants should apply to those schemes where eligible.


What is the RHS Early Career Fellowship Grant Scheme?


The focus is on supporting career-building research or activities, and the aim is to provide support to enable researchers to produce a discrete outcome (such as an article or book proposal) with the grant. Because of limited funds, applicants must be early career historians within three years of submitting their PhD in a historical subject. (The three years does not include periods of parental leave, or leave due to illness or other caring responsibilities.)

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the proposal, whilst also taking the applicant’s financial circumstances into account. These grants are designed to be as supportive and there is a great deal of flexibility in how awards may be used and what can be considered reasonable maintenance and research costs. Proposals must provide clear evidence of the historical significance of their project as a whole and specify in detail how the requested funds will advance and enrich the project outcome.


How do I apply?

  • Applicants must outline a tangible, discrete research goal (write a research article; submit a book proposal; enhance skills etc) clearly explaining the rationale behind the amount requested.
  • Applicants will be asked to provide a PDF copy of a CV, a reference letter, a 500-word project proposal and a 300-word funding request.
  • To make an application please complete the online application form for RHS Early Career Fellowships which can be accessed through the Research/Conference Grants program within the RHS applications portal.
  • Applications will only be considered with a supporting academic reference. You are reminded to submit your application in sufficient time to allow your referee to provide their reference before the closing date.
Further information and eligibility criteria is below. Please read this information before making your application. All applications must be made through the online application system and by selecting the “Research / Conference Grants” program.

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