Wildlife Photo Contest 2021

Publish Date: Feb 15, 2021

Deadline: Feb 28, 2021

Competition Stages, Rules and Organizers

The organizer and the right holder of the Golden Turtle Contest, exhibitions and all facilities and events related thereto is the MY EQUATOR Charity Social Support Fund.

Anyone may submit his/her works to participate in the competition, except for the competition organizers and the professional jury members. Authors from any countries can participate in the contest without restrictions. The official competition languages are Russian and English.

Decisions to award the Semi-Finalist, Finalist or Winner statuses to artwork shall be made by members of the Professional Jury and the Jury of Peers and may not be appealed.

Basic Concepts

Author (photographer) shall mean a person who made a photograph and presents his/her work to the competition, has full copyrights and powers to decide on all organizational issues related to the participation of the work in the competition.

Photography (work, picture, image) shall mean a picture taken by a photocamera that complies with the competition conditions and is owned by the author.

Graphics editor shall mean any computer program (Adobe Photoshop, Apertura, CorelPhoto-Paint, etc.) that was applied for the digital processing of a photograph.

RAW. The RAW format shall mean any data obtained directly from a matrice without processing. This format shall confirm the authenticity and integrity of a frame. For any frames made by film cameras, an additional procedure for providing the original will be announced.




Based on the ethical code of the International League of Concervation Photographers (ILCP)

We believe that all the participants of the GOLDEN TURTLE International Wildlife Festival and its photo contest should put ethical treatment of nature and animals in the center of their art. We encourage each author to be an example and a rolemodel for ethical behavior and professionalism for other photographers and wildlife lovers.

To achieve the goals of the Festival and its creative competitions, the following ETHICAL STANDARDS were adopted:

1. Minimal possible interference in the life of animals and their habitats

We always place the welfare of our subjects above all else. Key to this is the maintenance of safe, informed and responsible working distances and minimizing our impact on the landscape by following the “Leave No Trace – Pack It In, Pack it Out” ethic that maintains the integrity and character of the places we work.

2. Use of Captive Animals

In some cases, photographing captive animals can be a valuable source of rare imagery that can be valuable for specific conservation goals. However, the use of captive animals must be governed by the same ethical considerations as elsewhere:


  • The welfare of the animal should be paramount.
  • Any institution that exploits animals solely for profit should not be utilized or supported.
  • Images of captive animals will be honestly and accurately captioned and never represented as wild.


3. Digital Manipulation

Image manipulation must never alter essential content in such a way that it either misrepresents actual events, or deceives the intended audience, in any context in which the truth of the image is assumed. 

Creative manipulation, when performed, must be fully disclosed to the end user.

4. Truth in Captioning

Photographs deliver information, which should be both accurate and honest. Inaccurate or dishonest captioning reduces the effectiveness of the image as a tool for conservation, subverts its message and undermines public trust.


  • $1OOO
    The competition winners who won first place in their nomination will obtain a cash prize of one thousand US dollars (USD 1,000).
    The laureates who won the second and the third places in their nomination will obtain valuable prizes and gifts from the Festival sponsors and partners.
  • $2OOO
    The competition winner in the Photographer of the Year nomination will obtain a cash prize of two thousand US dollars (USD 2,000).

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