Grants for Production of Video Content “Video Plus”, 2020, Balkansmedia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Publish Date: Feb 01, 2020

Deadline: Feb 14, 2020

Grants for production of video content “Video Plus”

Internews is launching a new call for grants “Video Plus” as part of the project “Strengthening Independent Media in Europe and Eurasia,” a regional media support initiative in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Caucasus that aims to increase citizens’ access to reliable information about local, regional, and international issues of public importance through support to the independent media sector. The grants would fund production of video/short documentaries. 

1.    Who can apply? 

The program will support production of video content (ex. reports, caption video, mini-documentaries, video for social networks. etc.) covering different topics of public interest. Partners of “Video Plus” initiative will be selected by a group of experts, based on open competition. The contest will be open to licensed media outlets (TV, radio, online outlets, etc.) from the following countries - Albania, BiH, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia. Individual applications, as well as co-productions (between media outlets in one country or media partners from several eligible countries) are acceptable.

2.    Expected Products and Services

Internews will select six projects under this grant announcement. 
Each grantee will be expected to produce 3 video stories/ short documentaries. 
Selected media organizations will produce these stories utilizing visual storytelling formats. In general, such products are short, tailored for social media audiences, and are easily followed and understood with or without supporting audio. However, there are no strict rules or limitation on how selected media organizations proposed to utilize video formats under this call. The materials may be analytical and/or infotainment to spark audience engagement. All video products should be closed-captioned (subtitled), with the text corresponding to any audible dialogue present in the videos. The videos may, but don’t have to, include animated text further contextualizing the narrative.  
Every video story/ short documentary will cover 1 topic. Topics for “Video Plus” packages will be proposed by the applicants. Topics will be of public interest, including but not limited to politics, elections, economics, business, environment, education, corruption, the European integration and international affairs, emigration, vulnerable groups, health, social welfare, agriculture, and conflicts.
In order to encourage production of this type of content but also boost regional cooperation among media from Albania, BiH, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia, each selected media outlet would publish videos/documentaries produce by partner media organizations so in total each partner would publish/ broadcast 18 videos/ documentaries. 

The required product is a video (reports, explainers, short programs/podcasts, etc.) up to 10 minutes in length and shorter versions of this video formatted for different media platforms.

3.    Budget

Each selected partner will receive grants of up to USD 6,000 each to produce 3 video stories/ short documentaries. This amount will cover production expenses, salaries, and other relevant costs.

4.    Production Schedule 

The order of production of materials and the deadlines will be determined together with the partner after winners are announced. Video stories/ short documentaries will be produced and published between March and July 2020 (5 months).

5.    Obligations and Responsibilities of the Selected Authors 

·    The selected applicants will produce “Video Plus” video stories/ short documentaries in compliance with schedule, deadlines and production concepts established together with the organizers.
·    Authors will publish and promote video stories/ short documentaries they produce on platforms they own and on social networks as well as offer these video stories/ short documentaries to other media organizations for publication via their channels.
·    Video stories/ short documentaries will be shared with media partners in other project countries.
·    Selected applicants will published/ broadcast stories produced by other media partners in “Video Plus” project
·    Organizers assume the right to publish “Video Plus” video stories/ short documentaries. All products will have to be made available for publication/broadcasting by other media outlets who are interested in distributing these materials through their channels.

5.1. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Organizer

·    Internews will cover the costs of translation of produced materials (if needed). 

6.    Eligibility 

·    Applicants must be a registered TV or online outlets in Albania, BiH, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, or Serbia;
·    At least 1 year of experience on the media market,
·    Proven ability to reach audience (monthly average of website users, etc.).,
·    Proven ability to produce video materials, accompanied by published samples (at least 2), 
·    Proven reputation and respect for professional ethics, 
·    Flexibility and ability to work under the pressure of deadlines.

7.    Contents of the Application 

Candidates will submit the application form which will contain the following information:
·    General presentation of the participating outlet(s), including a portfolio with at least 3 materials on topics in the public interest (only applications with sample multimedia materials will be analyzed. The application may include other types of materials as well, if they illustrate the relevant expertise of the participant);
·    CVs of the authors/team that will be involved in production of video stories/ short documentaries;
·    Video stories/ short documentaries pitches (brief description of the future materials, videos formatted for different media platforms, in the primary aim of appealing to newer demographics, as well as engaging existing ones)
·    Budget for production of the video stories/ short documentaries, including salary costs;
·    Copy of business registration certificate;

8.    Selection Criteria

Partner will be selected by a group of experts based on the following criteria:
·    The quality of the technical offer (application), including completion of all mandatory elements of the application;
·    The quality of the financial offer, which shall not exceed the amount of USD 6,000 for three video stories/ short documentaries.

Experts will use a points system, as follows:


1.    The quality of the technical offer makes 90% of the total value of the application;
2.    The quality of the financial offer makes 10% of the total value of the application.

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