MAA Dissertation Grant Program 2020, The Medieval Academy of America, USA


February 15, 2020


Opportunity Cover Image - MAA Dissertation Grant Program 2020, The Medieval Academy of America, USA

Medieval Academy Dissertation Grant Instructions

Medieval Academy dissertation grants support advanced graduate students who are writing Ph.D. dissertations on medieval topics. The $2,000 grants help defray research expenses such as the cost of travel to research collections and the cost of photographs, photocopies, microfilms, and other research materials. The cost of books or equipment (e.g., computers) is not included.

All graduate students whose primary research focuses on an aspect of medieval studies are eligible but if your topic deals with late-medieval Britain (ca. 1350 - 1500), you should apply for a Schallek Award. Applicants must have received approval from their dissertation committee for their projects by the application date.


Applicants must be members of the Medieval Academy as of 15 January of the year in which they apply.


Applications must be received at the Academy office by 15 February.

Completed applications must include a PDF file with the following:

1) Describe your dissertation project, rationale, methodology, and significance. What will you accomplish? Why is your project important? How will it contribute to medieval studies?

2) Briefly outline the chapters of your dissertation.

3) Detail research expenses for which you request financial support. If you must travel, explain why.

4) Describe previous funding you have received to support your research and how it was used. List other sources you will apply to for financial support.

Along with the completed application form, applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from the dissertation director certifying that the applicant has passed qualifying exams and received approval for the dissertation project and discussing the merits of the project and the applicant’s preparation to complete it successfully. The letter of recommendation may be submitted by mail as long as it in a sealed envelope signed on the back across the seal. The letter may also be sent by email directly from the faculty member to the Executive Director as a signed PDF on letterhead. The letter must reach the office by 15 February.

If sent by mail, recommendation letters should be sent to:

Dissertation Grants
Medieval Academy
6 Beacon St., Suite 500
Boston, MA 02108

Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1) the originality of the dissertation project, the clarity of its methodology, and its likelihood to contribute to medieval studies;

2) the cogency of the writing and organization of the dissertation project description;

3) the dissertation director’s statement regarding the excellence of the project and the applicant’s preparation to complete the project;


4) the applicant’s demonstrated need for the grant to complete the dissertation successfully.

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