“Contemporary Talents” Competition 2019

Publish Date: Sep 22, 2019

Deadline: Dec 02, 2019

Through the “Contemporary Talents” competition he established in 2011, François Schneider provides support to artists by acquiring their works and presenting them at the Foundation’s Contemporary Art Centre via an exhibition and the publication of a catalogue.

Each year, over 1,000 artists from around a hundred different countries submit applications. After around forty finalists have been selected by four Expert Committees, the International Grand Jury, chaired by Jean-Noël Jeanneney, chooses a maximum of seven prize-winners.

  • To encourage artists to engage with the theme of water, which has played a part in the history of art since time immemorial.
  • To encourage them to reflect upon, observe, analyse, criticise and make use of water in their creative work, exploring its properties, its symbols, its tools and its issues.
  • To offer the artists a platform to reach all sections of the public.
  • To encourage dialogue and networking with the cultural community.
  • To develop the public’s awareness of contemporary art, particularly young people, and enable them, through the water theme, to experience and more easily perceive its diversity of perspectives.

Terms of the competition

The competition is open to candidates of any nationality and any age, working in the following disciplines of the plastic and visual arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video or any other form of plastic or visual art. For installations and sculptures, the artists may submit either existing works or projects. For the other disciplines, only existing works may be presented.
Each candidate may only submit one work or one project.

The call for applications for the 9th edition of the competition will take place from September 2 to November 2, 2019.


A maximum of 7 “Contemporary Talents” prize-winners will be chosen from amongst the candidates, each of whom will receive €20,000 for the acquisition of their work. The endowment also includes:

  • A collective exhibition at the Foundation’s Contemporary Art Centre
  • A bilingual publication presenting the prize-winners’ work
  • The inclusion of the work in the Foundation’s collection
  • A maximum of €160,000 is made available for the completion of the works presented in project form, divided between the different projects according to the artists’ needs and the jury’s decisions. Applications presented in project form must include a detailed budget of the production costs with an estimated quotation.

Selection of works and projects

Artists are invited to submit proposals offering a distinctive and sensitive perspective on the theme of water, whether realistic or utopian, figurative or abstract.

Selection of works and projects

Artists are invited to submit proposals offering a distinctive and sensitive perspective on the theme of water, whether realistic or utopian, figurative or abstract.

Four Expert Committees and an International Grand Jury International will meet in succession:

The expert committees
Each committee is made up of two art and culture professionals. Their mission is to identify around forty submissions out of all the works or projects received to be presented to the International Grand Jury.

The international grand jury
The jury, chaired by Jean-Noël Jeanneney, will include recognised personalities from the world of the arts, such as internationally renowned artists, directors of art institutions and collectors.
From around forty finalists, they will choose the 7 “Contemporary Talents” prize-winners whose works will be acquired by the Foundation.


Applications must be written in French by French-speaking candidates, or in English by other candidates.

These applications must include:

  • Your signed registration form – PDF format
  • Your curriculum vitae – PDF format, 2 pages maximum A4
  • Your artistic file presenting your whole artistic career (portfolio text and/or picture) – PDF format, 10 pages maximum A4, 10 Mb maximum
  • A written presentation of the work that you present to the competition – Format PDF, 4 pages maximum A4. This presentation has to contain: the title, the year of realization, a clear text of presentation of the work of 1 page and the technical characteristics: dimensions, size, materials and techniques, conditions required for the exhibition of the work that you present to the competition
  • 1 to 5 pictures of the work that you present to the competition (photo, plan, etc.) – Format JPG, 5 Mb maximum size by pictures
  • A video of the work which you present to the competition – Format MOV/MP4, 500 Mb maximum (this document is compulsory for the candidates presenting a video and secondary for the other medium).

IMPORTANT: The works presented must not under any circumstances be conceived with a view to being permanently installed at the Foundation.

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